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    NONPROFIT SUCCESS STORY: National Institute for Fitness & Sports

    The National Institute for Fitness & Sports had a tough time driving traffic to their website. They hired outside agencies to help them develop and execute a strategy, but they were too expensive and delivered few results. NIFS needed a cost-effective solution that didn't require an IT team.


    increase in leads


    increase in web traffic


    increase in web traffic from social media

    About NIFS

    The National Institute for Fitness and Sport is a Nonprofit organization providing nutrition, wellness and fitness programs.

    “One of my favorite things about HubSpot is its ease of use. I can go in and manage what I need to manage, and I don't have to feel like I need to speak a different language to do it." 

    —Bethany Garrity, Director of Fitness Management, NIFS


    • Struggled to drive traffic to our website

    • Had no social media presence

    • Hired [& subsequently] fired marketing agencies that cost a lot, but achieved

      very little 


    228% more traffic and 216% more leads using HubSpot


    • HubSpot Analytics helped NIFS clearly see which marketing activities drove the most visits, leads, and customers, enabling smarter, more effective marketing investments

    • Keyword Grader helped NIFS identify the best keywords to focus SEO efforts on, resulting in dramatic improvements in their search engine rankings

    • HubSpot Lead Management helped NIFS identify, analyze, and manage incoming leads effectively


    “I think the biggest result we have noticed with HubSpot is our searchability. We have picked up a number of requests for proposals, from businesses who never would have paid attention to us initially, because we were able to raise where we sit in the search engines."

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