Introducing a clearer, easier, more human HubSpot.

A Consistent New Design for the Entire HubSpot Family of Tools


At HubSpot, we talk a lot about the idea of inbound. Making the experience for your customers more helpful and human at every step of the way: how you market to them, sell to them, and how they interact with your company over the long term.

A year ago, we challenged ourselves to look at every part of the tools we provide to you, in order to better live up to our own ideals. Our mission: to make using HubSpot a better, faster, and more human experience in every tool, at every step of the way.

Today, we’re excited to unveil HubSpot’s new look. This change brings a new visual design to the entire HubSpot product family. The functionality you’re used to isn’t changing: The design is just getting a modern facelift. We’re bringing an unprecedented level of consistency, clarity, and HubSpotty joy to the product. We hope it'll put an extra skip in your step and a smile on your face.

What's changing?

So glad you asked. As we refresh different parts of HubSpot over the coming months, you'll notice a subtle new look and feel for the HubSpot products, aimed at making our tools easier to adopt and more enjoyable to use. Here are a few of the most exciting aspects of the refreshed design:

Consistent Components

Details, details. With this refresh, we've updated all those "little things" not only to match in aesthetic, but also to align in function across the HubSpot tools -- filtering, date-picking, sub-navigation, and more.

Updated Fonts

We switched from Helvetica, a traditional and relatively neutral font, to the more approachable and readable Avenir.

New Colors

We’ve updated the color scheme to make it easier to identify next steps within a given part of the platform. Spoiler alert: There’s more orange.

Breathing Room

We’ve increased the amount of whitespace to make the tool more legible and easy to navigate.

In total, we’ve made dozens of little tweaks like these across the platform. Chances are good that you won’t notice many of them. Think of it like getting your car tuned up. You might not be sure exactly what changes were made, but you'll leave the lot with a much better car. All of the changes will blend seamlessly into your routine, and their sum total will make your experience using HubSpot simpler and more enjoyable.

The new design will be rolled out app by app over the coming months. Three apps have already been refreshed: HubSpot Sequences and Meetings (within HubSpot Sales Pro) and LeadIn. The HubSpot CRM iOS app has been updated with the new look as well. As we move into the summer and early fall, these changes will be implemented across the HubSpot platform, starting with HubSpot Sales, then moving to HubSpot Marketing.

Design Principles

In giving HubSpot a face lift, we kept a few things in mind along the way.


Business software tends to be bulky, complex, and boring. With the refresh, we're striving to make business apps less business-y.


Getting things done requires focus. And the tools you use should help you do just that. We've worked hard to put clarity and focus front and center, empowering you to keep your focus on what matters most.


One thing that makes HubSpot special is the help you get along the way. Now, we've made that help clearer and more -- well -- helpful. You'll find useful insights and optimization tips in new places across the HubSpot system.


With HubSpot, you can perform all your inbound marketing tasks under one roof. Now, we're making the connections between tools clearer and easier to understand.


HubSpot is a powerful system that encourages people to work seamlessly together. Our software helps people create and collaborate with each other in natural, intuitive ways.

Common Questions

  • No. All the tools you know and love are remaining untouched. They might look a bit different than the last time you logged in, but fear not: The tools you're used to haven't gone anywhere.
  • No. The apps will change little by little over the coming months. To keep track of our progress, check out the up-to-date progress page.
  • No. There's no action required of you in any way.