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About the HubSpot Academy Bootcamps

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    Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

    Do you want to build a thriving pipeline of prospects for your business? Are you frustrated by a lack of sales opportunities? Are you looking for support and guidance around prospecting?  If so, then you might be a great fit for the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.

    HubSpot’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp is an immersive 8 week program designed to teach partners and customers the first part of the inbound sales process — identify & connect with net new prospects. This program provides a basic foundation of prospecting skills in an effort to generate more opportunities so you can close more deals and grow your agencies. Additionally, this program includes conductive role-play exercises and leverages group dynamics and support. You will aim to make a minimum of 100 prospect calls over the 8 weeks, where you will showcase your inbound skills. 

    This bootcamp is designed for HubSpot end user customers and Solutions Partners who spend a minimum of 30% of their time on generating new customers and have responsibility for new business development or account management. Over 2,000 HubSpot solutions partners have graduated from this program. This is an intensive bootcamp that requires a total of 40 hours to complete over the 8 weeks (1 hour per day).

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    Sales Skills Bootcamp

    Are you getting in front of prospects, but know you could be selling better? Could you be more effectively digging for painpoints, advancing and closing deals, and quantifying the value of your solutions so you can charge higher fees? If so, you could be a great fit for the Sales Skills Bootcamp.

    During this 8 week intensive and interactive course, you’ll master inbound selling. You’ll work directly with instructors who are qualified and approved HubSpot Solutions Partners and improve your sales skills so you can advance and close more deals.

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    Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales, & Service

    Have you been curious about implementing a video strategy into your marketing plan? Are you looking for support and guidance on where to begin? Do you already create videos and want to better understand how to utilize them in your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts? If so, then you might be a great fit for HubSpot Academy’s Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales, & Service.

    HubSpot Academy’s Video Bootcamp is a deep-dive 6 week program aimed to better educate you on your overall video marketing goals and efforts. The program provides a general overview on the current state of video marketing and guides you through the process of implementing your own strategy, execution of capturing and editing, and how to promote and measure success on your video marketing efforts.