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HubSpot Academy Building Community for Marketing, Sales, & Service Bootcamp

About the Building Community for Marketing, Sales, & Service Bootcamp

The next cohort will begin Thursday, October 5, 2023 at 11:00am EST.

When you have a community connected to your brand, your customers become more than customers. Your brand has advocates, helpers, and champions. Creating a community is an important part of scale. HubSpot Academy is now offering a 6 week bootcamp that defines how to start, scale, and nurture an online community using HubSpot technology.

The HubSpot Academy Community Bootcamp is designed to help you scale that process.

HubSpot Certified Instructors Dan Moyle, Molly Rigatti, and Josh Wingate will lead you through a hands on program in bootcamp format to explain:

What is Community Today - Intro to the Power of Modern Community
Using Your CRM (the right tech stack) to Power Your Community 
Starting Your Community - Baby steps to define the process
Growing & Maintaining Your Community - Scaling for Results
Measuring the Success of Your Community
Community Kick Off

Attendees will be able to articulate the top priorities of creating and maintaining an effective community with a step by step approach to starting, building, and scaling a vibrant community. If you are in charge of building your community or your customers’ community, this bootcamp is for you. 

The next cohort will begin Thursday, October 5, 2023 at 11:00am EST and will run for six consecutive weeks, ending on Thursday, November 2, 2023.

Meet the Instructors

All instructors are HubSpot Certified Trainers, as well as experienced HubSpot Solutions Partners.
Dan Moyle 2022 Update

Dan Moyle

Dan Moyle, HubSpot Advisor at Impulse Creative, lives to put more love into the world and create a better space for everyone. For his day job as an accredited and certified trainer, Dan teaches, coaches, and advises new and experienced HubSpot users. He's also a community volunteer, storyteller, podcaster, writer, speaker, and blended family husband and dad.

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Nurit Aizenstros

Nurit Aizenstros is an enthusiastic lifelong student and champion for fellow learners. With almost a decade focused on business development and marketing, Nurit's current muse centers on the global influence of science and technology and the remarkable speed at which human adaptation keeps pace with these transformative shifts. When she’s not shaping her understanding of the world, she's found connecting friends, family, and her community. Nurit's journey here was paved by asking and answering questions, engaging in conversations, and lending a hand, driven by a profound belief in capturing every learning opportunity.


Josh Wingate

Josh Wingate, HubSpot Specialist for Impulse Creative, loves all things HubSpot Learning. Josh brings experience from 12 years as a customer service leader to the Learning & Development team with deep understanding and empathy from managing people & processes across multiple industries and client-facing roles. In Josh’s free time, he enjoys looking for adventures and new playgrounds around Delaware with his incredible wife and daughter.

Looking to Apply?


The next cohort will begin Thursday, October 5, 2023 at 11:00am EST.


You're eligible for this bootcamp if:

  • You're a HubSpot Partner or customer.
  • You have a strong desire and commitment to start and scale your community.
  • You’re teachable and are willing to listen, learn, and apply the instructor's concepts.
  • You’re willing to attend all six weekly webinar sessions or listen to the recordings.
  • You're willing to dedicate 2 hours per week for individual work.

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