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HubSpot Academy RevOps Bootcamp

About the RevOps Bootcamp

Registration for the Winter 2024 cohort is now closed. The start date of the next cohort can be found here once it becomes available.

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the strategic integration of sales, marketing, and service departments to provide a better end-to-end view to administration and management, while leaving day-to-day processes within the departments. RevOps is a growing area of interest for HubSpot Solutions Partners and customer end users because it requires coordination of multidisciplinary teams, crosses department boundaries, and requires an understanding of technology and business processes.

The HubSpot Academy RevOps Bootcamp is designed for students who have passed the HubSpot Academy RevOps Certification, currently manage one or more HubSpot Hub installations, have at least 20 employees in their company (or provide RevOps consulting to clients), and want to expand their knowledge to apply their skills for better results.

Topics include:
    Identifying silos
    RevOps Process Mapping
    Defining a RevOps Strategy
    Impact and effort analysis
    Reporting on your RevOps strategy


Participants are accepted from all levels-- specialists, managers, and director level. Participants may have a current RevOps title or may be focused in a specialized departmental role and are looking to expand into a RevOps specialty. 

Please join us for a six week program designed to help you manage and grow an effective RevOps installation.


Registration for the Winter 2024 cohort is now closed. The start date of the next cohort can be found here once it becomes available.

Meet the Instructors

All instructors are HubSpot Certified Trainers, as well as experienced HubSpot Solutions Partners.

Jen Bergren

Jen is the Head of Operations at Remotish, a HubSpot RevOps and WebOps agency. Her work includes creating plans, processes, and programs such as a knowledge management program (wiki), a comprehensive employee onboarding program, and a referral partner program that generates 45% of company revenue and earned her the 2022 Heroes of RevOps award from Revenue.io.

She was a lesson professor for the HubSpot Revenue Operations certification, a RevOps correspondent at INBOUND2021, a speaker at HubSpot’s 2022 World Certification Week, and a panelist on the INBOUND After Hours show and the MoPros Career Fair. Jen is writing a book about RevOps, to combine her love of research, writing, and lifelong learning.


Connor Jeffers

Connor Jeffers is Founder and CEO of Aptitude 8, an Elite Tiered HubSpot technical consulting firm, and A8 Labs, an app studio building products on top of the HubSpot platform. Prior to A8, Connor led growth teams building venture backed companies on top of Salesforce and operated a consulting firm on the Salesforce ecosystem. He has over a decade of experience in systems orchestration, digital transformation, revenue operations, and growth.

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Jacque Turbett

Jacque Turbett is the Revenue Operations Manager at New Breed one of HubSpot's Elite Partners and three-time North American Partner of the Year. She has worked in RevOps for the last 6 years and has experience on various softwares and CRM's where she honed her HubSpot expertise.