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HubSpot Academy Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales, and Service

About the Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales, and Service

Registration for the Winter 2024 cohort is now closed. The start date of the next cohort can be found here once it becomes available.

Have you been curious about implementing a video strategy into your marketing plan?
Are you looking for support and guidance on where to begin?
Do you already create videos and want to better understand how to utilize them in your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts?
Do you need help just getting started?

If so, then you’re a great fit for the HubSpot Academy Video Bootcamp for Marketing, Sales, and Service.

“I wish I had this course two years ago. This was an amazing experience because the instructors explained what needed to be done, where to download the right software, the strategy behind video, and then how to get started in front of the camera.” -JK

HubSpot Academy’s Video Bootcamp is an intensive program, including weekly webinars and individual work designed to jump start your video experience, including a step by step guide to getting started and dozens of exercises to better educate you on your overall video marketing goals and efforts. The program guides you through the process of implementing your own strategy, execution of capturing and editing, and how to promote and measure success on your video marketing efforts.

Meet the Instructors

All instructors are HubSpot Certified Trainers, as well as experienced HubSpot Solutions Partners.

Gabriel Marguglio

Gabriel started Nextiny as a web design & SEO shop in 2002. In 2013, he partnered with HubSpot and is now a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner. In 2018, Nextiny won HubSpot’s Impact Award on measuring success in video for clients and won on website design within the HubSpot CMS in 2021. Gabriel Marguglio and the Nextiny team have run inbound marketing strategies and video marketing efforts for B2C and B2B clients nationwide in multiple industries. As an early-adopter agency on video services, Nextiny was led by Gabriel and his team to become Wistia’s first Platinum Partner in the country. Now, Gabriel leads the Sarasota HubSpot User Group [HUG], the Video HubSpot User Group [HUG] for the U.S., and the HubSpot Community’s Video Marketing Study Group.Outside of work, Gabriel and his wife (also business partner), Jackie raise their four kids, collect vintage typewriters, and test recipes from their collection of 1,000+ cookbooks.

Aaron Oberdick

Aaron is a Video Marketing Manager at Nextiny. After spending a year capturing travel videos throughout Southeast Asia, Aaron settled in Sarasota in 2018. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Media Production. Throughout his career, Aaron has felt a passion for creating meaningful and insightful media. After helping various clients across several continents grow their brand through the power of video, he joined Nextiny to continue helping clients generate leads while surrounded by an amazing team. He now helps clients enhance their digital assets and promote growth throughout.Aaron spends his free time traveling (not this year), spending quality time with his new animal children, and is also a new first time homeowner.

Looking to Apply?

This bootcamp is designed for HubSpot customers and Solutions Partners who are just starting out or who want to accelerate the quality of their video offering.  This is an intensive bootcamp that requires a commitment to completing 20 hours of work over the course of the four week bootcamp.

Registration for the Winter 2024 cohort is now closed. The start date of the next cohort can be found here once it becomes available.

You're eligible for this bootcamp if:

  • You're a HubSpot Partner or customer.
  • You’ve completed the HubSpot Academy Video Marketing Course: Learn How to Get Started with Your Video Marketing Strategy.
  • You’re a member of HubSpot Community’s Video Marketing Study Group.
  • You’re a member of the Video HubSpot User Group.
  • You’re teachable and are willing to listen, learn, and apply the instructor's concepts.
  • You’re willing to dedicate 3+ hours per week for the program and will attend all weekly sessions.
  • You have a strong desire and commitment to improve your marketing, sales, or customer service efforts with the introduction of video content.
  • You have basic marketing skills and experience with HubSpot.