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About FitzMartin Inc.

FitzMartin is a sales and marketing consultancy. We collaborate with our clients to create and sustain competitive advantages, while breaking down the barriers between sales, marketing and information technology to drive profitable sales. Our advisory services deliver sales and process improvement, product/service evolution and customer experience innovation to give you control over your business. Our strategies, grounded in behavioral science, offer clear and pragmatic direction. We then collaborate with you to empower your sales and marketing teams through data-driven digital marketing and design initiatives that are proven, persuasive and measurable. On inbound and lead generation? Well, as our CEO says frequently our our clients expectations of the money they invest with us, "if something doesn't get sold nothing else matters."

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HubSpot integration process was so easy

Our team worked with the amazing FitzMartin team from kickoff to launch on one of their client's HubSpot/Dynamics integration. The FitsMartin team understood the integration language, their client's need and what needed to sync for a true integrated inbound marketing experience. They're a GREAT partner and we look forward to working with them again on future integrations! Thanks again FitzMartin team!

Katy Ermak

August 08, 2017

Budget driven and honest

We have been working with OneIMS for a couple of months now. This is a brand new endeavor for us"šmoving our marketing forward in a way different from what we have done in the past. We are off to a great start! Because this is so new to us, we need a fair amount of hand holding and are getting that and more. Explanations to our questions come in language that we understand and the team's responsiveness to any question we have had has been extremely prompt and complete. We are a small medical device manufacturer and need to raise our visibility. We are excited about this new way forward–partnering with OneIMS to move our marketing efforts into this new (for us) world.

Sarah Johnson

April 25, 2017

A Strong Partnership

FitzMartin is not an agency, they are a collaborative source. The spectrum of knowledge and expertise that FitzMartin holds as it relates to all things Inbound is impressive. They quantify objectives, formulate expert deliverables and are enthusiastic about follow through. FitzMartin came to us with the inspiration of using Hubspot for Inbound practices. From the 50,000 foot idea of Inbound marketing down to the nuts and bolts of Hubspot, they are truly willing to drive not only the configuration and development of Hubspot but more importantly understand the business goal behind the logic. When it comes to strategic planning and execution, FitzMartin is a group I always want to take in the ring with me. They just add so much value and that is what I love about FitzMartin.

Stanton Davis

March 15, 2017

We needed new leads–and got it

Prior to partnering with FitzMartin in 2011 our success had been driven primarily through word of mouth and just brute force sales. In 2015 we launched an inbound plan using HubSpot. To get to the next level, we hired FitzMartin. They redesigned and rebuilt our website to allow us to move up in SEO rankings and attract more qualified leads. The FitzMartin crew helps drive traffic to our site by assisting with our content plan. Overall their strategic partnership has enabled us to implement inbound as a crucial part of our sales and marketing plan.

Miller Coop

October 21, 2016

Helpful, Data-driven, and Solid

Sean and FitzMartin have played an important role in helping us get up to speed with Hubspot. First in a working session at our office where we reviewed communications and planning from a high level. Later in evaluating our communications, particularly our email, and finding ways to make it more effective. Sean helped us evaluate our practices including best times to send emails and improving open rates and engagement. My experience with Sean is that he is helpful, data-driven, and loves putting the right systems and structures in place: from the application of the customer decision journey to internal communications department operations. Solid frameworks and processes are a key part of the support that Sean and the FitzMartin crew have provided.

Peter Schrock

September 01, 2016

Marketing Administrator

Experts of sales process, inbound marketing & HubSpot Professionalism and adaptable, and able to meet our needs in the way we needed them to, impressive. Their intuitiveness in bringing our brand voice to life in the content and ideas to find marketable and attention getting way to capture new leads. It's a win to be set apart from our competitors. With a new website launch that serves both customers and prospects in ways we did not know were possible–we are on the way to hitting targets in lead generation and marketing results. We appreciate FitzMartin's flexibility in program and support design to meet our needs. Anna and the Team are awesome! We are in a powerful partnership moving forward and expect more great things to occur.

Connie Benton

August 08, 2016