HubSpot Directory: City Page Guide

Information on how and why we build these pages.

What are these pages?

Highly curated pages that help users of the directory find a local agency to work with. When a prospective client begins searching for an agency one of the first qualifications they consider is location. Many of these prospects want to work with someone locally. These pages are not linked to from the main directory right now, but rather are meant to rank on search engines and generate business for your agencies through organic search conversions.

Live Pages

United States

New York City


Los Angeles 

San Diego 














South America and Latin America 


Planned City Pages

United States Europe Asia  Latin America and South America





Singapore  Mexico City



  • We rank based on tier status and reviews. We won't always rank in order from right to left. Since these pages need to be updated manually your position on the page won't update as your gain more reviews. 
  • Yes, but we are still working on the timing due to the manual nature of updating these pages. The aim right now is to update them on a quarterly basis. We may end up updating them sooner (monthly) or less frequently (annually). 


  • Yes, at least five reviews to start. As we launch these pages we won't require reviews, but starting on July 15th we will require agencies to have at least 5 reviews to maintain their status on the page. Since these are highly curated pages, we will also start to remove agencies in order to keep the number of agencies listed on these pages to under 20 total.

    We will use the number of reviews an agency has gained in order to determine which agencies are listed on these pages.

  • Link back to it from your website and promote it to your network.
  • City pages are reserved for tiered partners only right now. Learn more about HubSpot tiers

    Since these pages are manually built, you may be a tiered partner that deserves a spot on a page. If so, please see below and fill out the form. 

Should your agency be listed on one of these pages? Fill out this form.