Agency Directory: Vision and Feedback

This page details the short and long-term vision for the directory, including common feedback provided by agencies and how we plan to address that feedback through feature additions.

Mission Statement

The goal of the HubSpot Agency Directory is to transform the way small and medium-sized businesses find and connect with service providers to power their growth. Find out below how we plan to accomplish this goal.

Directory Feature Roadmap and Vision

Listed in order of priority, subject to change.

Localization for non-English Regions

Working towards creative a global version of the directory in phases.

Multiple office locations

Support for agencies who have offices in several geographic areas. 

Review Enhancements

Updates to the reviews to make them more helpful to reviewers and visitors, including building a functionality to let partners reply to review. 

Case Study Feature

Rebuilding the ability to add in case studies into your profile.

Updates to Budget Fields 

Updates to expand pricing beyond retainer pricing. 

Feedback and Comments

The directory only benefits your top tiered agencies

Going back to our mission statement our goal is to connect users of the directory with the best fit providers. For many visitors, our top tiered partners represent great options. If you are a diamond partner you have established that you can onboard and deliver new HubSpot customers at a high level. We have no plans of changing how we feature our top tiered partners on the home page of the directory.

However, we do have several plans in place to help diversify traffic to the directory. If you are a prospect coming to the directory looking for help and have specific criteria in mind we want to make it easier for that user to find the right agency. 

Our plan is to improve the filters that help users narrow down their search. That plan involves three steps:

1. We need to add back in the ability for users to select multiple filters at once. (This is completed as of May 2018)

2. We need to improve the visibility of these queries by using static URLs as opposed to URL parameters, which will help these pages rank better in search

3. We need to change how agencies select their Industries and Services when setting up their profile to better qualify and validate their selections.

We will have more updates on these points soon. 

My agency has multiple locations and I want to list my agency in each location. 

We don't have a way to handle multi-location offices, but we do want to build out a process for agencies to list multiple locations down the road. 

There are a few issues with handling multiple locations. One big factor is validation. How do we ensure agencies have brick and mortar locations for secondary locations? Other marketplaces handle this through a manual verification process like mailing a postcard to the location or having someone call the office's phone number. We don't have a process for validating locations at the moment and until we do we are hesitant to add in the ability for agencies to select locations in more than one spot. We are working behind the scenes on creating a validation process. 

When will the directory be localized for non-English regions?

We have a three-part plan to improve the experience for non-English speakers. 

1. Localize as much of directory as we can. Since we are using HubDB to power the directory, we cannot translate the the profile part of the directory like the rest of the page.

2. Add back the Language filter back into the directory. (This is completed as of May 2018.)

3. Eventually, translate profiles that support different languages into our supported languages. 

Review Feedback

Check out our Review focused page where we list out all of the review feedback and future plans for that feature. 

Miscellaneous but important other pieces of feedback 

  • Gray out certifications that the agency has not passed. This will help differentiate agencies who have passed more certifications.
  • Better display how tiering works for visitors. 
  • Display something that let's a visitor know if the agency is a marketing or sales partner.  
  • Use statics URLs rather than URL parameters (something we plan to fix and it's mentioned above).
  • Rank by reviews as opposed to tiers.
  • Add in a recommendation engine powered by AI that helps connect visitors with a curated list of agencies. 

 If you have feedback that's not included above please email with your feedback.