HubSpot Agencies: Guide to Directory City Pages

Everything you need to know about our curated city pages.


HubSpot Agency Directory

What are city pages?

HubSpot's top city pages are manually curated pages listing out our top tiered partners from a specific location like Boston or London.

Many agency directories charge money for spots on these kinds of pages. For our directory, we include agencies who have demonstrated their ability to tier in our partner program and who have gained positive reviews from their clients.


  • Rank is less important on these pages as the main directory since there is only one page and highly curates. We are going to rank by Tier and Reviews, but we may switch that up in the future. Since these pages are manually built they will not be dynamic like the main directory.
  • Yes! They look similar to the Impact Awards and we will manually send you the badge for your website. 
  • HubSpot will need to update these pages to reflect tier changes, review updates and other changes. Since they are manually updates, our plan right now is to update them once a month. We will analyze how this works and make adjustments throughout the year.
  • Since these are curated pages, we wanted to make these pages as simple to navigate as possible. The pages are for users of the directory trying to find a local agency to work with only. We did include a link back to the main directory if users want to expand their search.
  • Link back to it! The more backlinks we get to this page from other sites the better chance we have of improving where this page appears in search.
  • We understand that most agencies listed in these pages work with companies from around the world and not just companies in their local cities. Prospects who want to hire a digital agency often use location as their starting off point when narrowing down their search. These pages are designed to help prospects find your agency when they begin their search.

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