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Avon, OH

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About Kuno Creative

Kuno Creative is a Diamond HubSpot Partner, HubSpot Agency of the Year, and 3X winner of the Happiest Customers Award. We help growing companies by providing integrated inbound marketing campaigns that get results. Everything we do is to help you build your brand and capture qualified leads.

Knowledgeable Digital Content Experts

We have worked with Kuno for many years, and they have helped us build our brand to be known as a premier resource of content for our customers through our blogs and promotions. They come to us with creative ideas to stay on top of digital trends and stay relevant with our content. We appreciate their staff of experts that can ensure we are successful in our initiatives in social, digital, and ecommerce.

January 30, 2018

Highly Responsive, Organized, Talented Team

We partnered with Kuno to bring to life a website redesign project and have been extremely pleased with the results. During the creative discussions, the Kuno team were very easy to work with – helping us improve and think through our ideas and bring new ideas to the table. Our redesign took place with a very strict timeline - Kuno met every deadline and were extremely responsive and attentive. Kuno have become a longterm partner as we have continued working with the firm for additional website projects. We would recommend the firm as a partner.

September 27, 2017

A Two Ears One Mouth Creative Process

Kuno took a bit of a chance on us as an accounting and financial services firm endeavoring to not look or sound like such. Our engagement was to rebrand the primary brand, create two new brands, tie them all together, and roll out three new websites that could stand on their own or play off the other two. I was most impressed not with Kuno's ability to hit homeruns on the first try every time (although that occurred often), but with their ability to truly listen to our feedback, ask good questions, and nail it 100% on the second try. It was apparent that we were not dealing with your run-of-the-mill "creatives" who lacked communication skills or guarded their outcome as the one and only potential solution. Kuno was able to synthesize what was provided to them and provide a functional solution all while maintaining their core creative skills. I highly recommend Kuno Creative.

September 25, 2017

Get this team in your corner!

I'm a Marketing Director at a CPA firm that has experienced exponential growth over the last few years. We were looking for a company to redesign our website, mrzllp.com, in addition to building two smaller sites for new valuation and financial services entities (MRZ Financial and SKY Valuation) we had just established. Branding those two and a refresh for the original MRZ brand was also on the table. Boy did these guys deliver - exceptional project management, design capabilities, strategic thought, you name it. From high level to details, this team addressed issues I didn't realize I'd had with past service providers - because I didn't see what it could really be like! They made our internal team look like rock stars, and we're excited to partner with them on strategic initiatives in the coming year. Big kudos to the Kuno team!

September 14, 2017

Amazing Company, Amazing People!

Kuno has really been a fantastic partner for us! We're a biomedical device company with some fairly technical medical products, multiple applications and difficult buyer personas and Kuno waded right in and have become an invaluable extension of our marketing team. They have taken the time to learn about our audiences and some of the more technical aspects about what we do in order to create great content for our users. They bring fresh ideas to the table about how we can create brand awareness, generate leads and nurture them through the buying cycle and I can't say enough about their attentiveness and skill with Inbound Marketing. Highly recommend engaging with them; they're definitely worth it.

September 05, 2017

Wonderful to work with

It has been a pleasure working with kuno on our inbound marketing. They have worked very hard to understand our technical field and tailor our activities to our specialty market. They have always been responsive to our needs even as they evolve. Their design team has done a great job taking our brand standards and updating them for a sleek, modern look. We couldn't ask for a better team to work with.

August 29, 2017