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Newport Beach, CA

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About Orange Marketing

We specialize in Marketing and Sales for B2B SaaS startups in Seed and other early funding stages. We begin with understanding your customers and identifying segments you didn't know you had, setting up your website conversion paths for these segments/personas to begin generating leads right away! Of course this means that your HubSpot setup will be done just right, because we've done nearly two dozen! We get your content development started, so you can start to generate some inbound leads, and create landing pages, blog posts,emails and more. We also help you consider testing the most effective advertising channels to jump start your results while you wait for your inbound marketing efforts to kick in. We are laser focused on generating sales leads which convert to revenue because we know that marketing without sales enablement is simply a waste of time.

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Orange Marketing = Game Changers

Where do I start?? The team at Orange Marketing vastly exceeded my expectations of service, knowledge and execution. Plus they are just really good people that are fun to work with. Their knowledge of Hubspot is incredible. There is no nuance to the platform that they don't know. They took that knowledge and then applied it to our specific business. The results? An extremely efficient work plan that drives positive business outcomes, we developed a deep understanding of Hubspot and can now utilize the platform ourselves and we have a much better grasp of tactical plans for inbound marketing. Rebecca and Kelsey also stepped outside of just Hubspot implementation and helped us understand overall marketing and sales goals. We had tons of great conversations around: paid vs organic, attribution issues, tech stack, SLA's, etc. I really appreciated their counsel on all these things. I'm happy to speak with anyone to give more perspective on what a great experience we had with Orange!


March 04, 2019

Super team, awesome support, great leadership

I have worked with Orange Marketing for over a year. Simply stated, "they get it done"... Knowledge of modern SaaS marketing is tremendous, understanding of Hubspot is amazing and the people are a pleasure to work with every day. I highly recommend them.

Mark Hellinger, InvolveSoft

February 07, 2019

This company is the real deal

Orange Marketing has been great in not only setting up our CRM, getting it up and running, but overall versing us in the best practices of inbound marketing. It's rare to find a company who can setup the tools for you but also offer best in class guidance on how to best utilize them and how to best market your company. On top of that, they're a joy to work with and always there for you - highly HIGHLY recommended.

Nick Taylor, Lippe Taylor

January 10, 2019

Website Trafiic Tripled!

Orange Marketing more than tripled our website traffic, and took our sales leads from nearly nothing to double digits a month and growing. All within six months. They did this in a thoughtful manner and took the time to understand what we sell (niche SaaS product) and actually get inside the heads of our prospects. They led us in executing a few advertising experiments to help us jump start our website traffic and leads. Orange Marketing, with our team’s input, wrote extremely targeted content in a variety of formats including presentations, webinars, news releases, blog posts, social media, case studies and white papers. One very large $1B+ prospect told us recently during an initial face-to-face sales meeting that the iNymbus case study the prospect had downloaded prior to the meeting was the best marketing material they have seen. “Not like the usual CR_P.”

Sreedhar Narahari, iNymbus

November 02, 2018

Orange Marketing makes competitors green with envy

I've been working with Kelsey and the Orange team for a while now. When I first started, I was literally a Jon Snow of online brand marketing: I knew nothing. Kelsey and her team took me under their proverbial wing, gave me a crash course in what I needed to know as a brand, and then took the rest onto their plates. Within a month my website was much more professional looking, I was fluent in all sorts of important things like CTAs, what a CRM was, and how to send out an email blast that got clients excited about engaging. They then spent the next few months shaping my brand into something more than I could have ever imagined and have continued to make sure that when I have a question, they have either the answer, or point me in the right direction to get it myself. I honestly can't say enough good about them...and can't wait to see where they take me and my brand next. Thank you, Kelsey!

Tye Lombardi, The Necro Nom-nom-nomicon

September 19, 2018

Thanks for the tip!

I saw your LinkedIn post this morning referencing your company's new Hubspot certification. It reminded me that I owe you a big Thank You for suggesting I use Hubspot. It's been a great productivity tool. I'm sure I'm not using it at anywhere near its full potential, but the Sequences feature has been crucial for me. As you know better than most, much of selling direct mail is just hanging around waiting for a prospect's existing vendor to make a mistake. And, to that end I set up sequences that keep me in the picture without having to do much. Used in conjunction with an occasional voicemail (because nobody answers their phone), sequences were instrumental in securing my two biggest accounts to date. So thanks again!

Nate Baker, Orange County Direct Marketing

August 16, 2018