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we want to empower people to build relationships with youthful audiences by creating demand, value and global understanding of youth culture. That requires constant research, innovation, and a team that’s not afraid of making some bold moves to get your brand noticed. Guess what? That’s us in a nutshell. So why is this demographic so damn important to hook up with? Basically, the Millennials will make up 60% of all consumers by 2020. We aim to be the best at inspiring, engaging, and capturing that market. What do we know? Well to start, our team are millennials.

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A great team to work with!

The Raiders not only re-designed our website but re-designed our brand and helped us to understand the Hubspot platform and how to use it to its full potential. This has resulted in an increase in not only leads but more qualified prospects and not to mention damn good looking marketing material. Couldn't recommend them enough, a team who is constantly there ready to answer any questions or queries.

Jennifer Brunton

February 20, 2018

Clear communications and Tier 1 service

The Raiders have been great, offering clear communications form the start to finish. We have a complex project with many parts and it has gone over time, but they anticipate the expectations gap and have great planning and systems to get the job done, so far so good and looking forward to launching our new project in the Hubspot platform.

Lawrence Ellyard

February 14, 2018

Exquisite service and attention to detail

Over the past roughly 6 months we've worked directly with Trav and his team of all-stars on a number of different projects, from a complete systems changeover (a staggeringly large undertaking) to extensive marketing campaigns that saw impressive increases in both the quantity and quality of the leads through the door. Everything we've asked of The Raiders they've gone above and beyond to see completed, always listening to the feedback throughout the process and transparently updating us as to the progress through any task upon request. I haven't felt at any time during my professional relationship with The Raiders that there's been any task too great or too small for their attention. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mitch Babbs

November 21, 2017

5 stars

Over the years we've had our ups and downs when it comes to marketing. We've chopped and changed we've migrated and we've integrated and iterated. They say 50% of marketing works, right? What I'll say about Trav and the Raiders is this: They're absolutely customer focussed. Whilst they are a cheeky bunch they know what they're good at and what to say no to. They're goal orientated, KPI focussed and ensure that our objectives in our business are theirs. They're reachable, flexible, current and energetic. They're not just a marketing company, they actually look deep into the sales process and want to know where they can add value. It's taken around 5 months to now migrate into hubspot and really get our hands dirty. I'm happy for the results they've driven for us so far and very eager and excited about the results they will work with us to get.

Ryan Spaccavento

November 21, 2017

Great Team, Great Service, Great Price

Hi. Trav and his team at The Raiders turned our marketing around from the point where we were sitting around waiting for the phone to ring to getting on the front foot, targeting our audience and message and using Hubspot to automate so much of the funnel process. Now we are able to turn the lead tap on and off depending on our capacity to cope with the increased inquiries. Trav knows Hubspot and was able to get it all rolling for us with little to no technical input from our end. I would recommend the whole package to anyone - get Trav to manage your digital marketing and get him to set up Hubspot for you. Call me at Enable College on 08 8463 1178 if you want to know more. Regards. Paul, CEO/Owner

Paul Denver

October 25, 2017