Agency Demo Certification

1. Marketing Hub

In this session, Audrey introduces us to Marketing Hub. First of all, she explains how to discover more about the prospect needs and pains, and shares with us the services we can wrap around the Marketing Hub. Then Audrey provides a demo of the Marketing Hub features and shares best practices to speak about these features.

2. Sales Hub

In this session, Brian introduces us to Sales Hub. He shows us how to add value in a sales demo and how to wrap our agency services around the sales Hub. The second part of this training is focused on a product overview. Brian provides a live demo of the Sales Hub features to help us position it to our prospects.

3. Service Hub

In this session, Carlos is going to introduce you to the brand new Service Hub and the Inbound Service Framework. He will also suggest what services an agency can provide around it from help setting it up to define support SLAs. Finally, Carlos will run an example demo of the Service Hub and share best practices. Some parts of the demo might require an initial set up, Carlos will outline this and propose also different ways of starting the demo if you don't have time to do the initial configuration.

4. CMS and Migrations

In this session, Zach is going to discuss the CMS and Hubspot Migration Services. He’ll start with an overview of the CMS, how to add value in the sales process, how to identify the characteristics of good-fit prospects, and outline the types of services that you can wrap around the product. Following this, Zach will provide a demo of the CMS and share best practices to speak to it’s different features. Finally, Zach will give an overview of the migration services offered by Hubspot, and outline when and how to position these to your prospects.