Biglytics Resource Center

Details to get you up-and-running on the Biglytics demo environment.
Available to platinum and diamond partners only.

What's Biglytics?

Biglytics was created to help you demo HubSpot with minimal prep work while helping you show the full value of HubSpot to your clients and prospective clients, which is difficult to do when you need to create content from scratch and you're pressed for time. It's actually the same tool and process we use internally with our HubSpot reps. 

Biglytics is a fictional company designed to help you market and sell HubSpot. It represents an ideal customer with all the common marketing, sales, and services challenges you hear every day (e.g. not enough leads, a higher value product/service with a niche audience that needs to be educated). The marketing website was built on the CMS and has attractive templates to help you show off the content tools with smart content examples built right in. It's the perfect place to demo content creation and marketing automation tools.

  • Why Is It Important to Partners?
  • How Do You Navigate It?
  • How Do You Get Setup?
  • What Can You Demo?

Why Is It Important to Partners?

How Do You Navigate It?

How Do You Get Setup?

What Can You Demo?


How to add your team members to the Biglytics portal

  1. In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Partners
  3. Click the Biglytics navigation option
  4. Click Invite Team Members
  5. Search for the users you would like to invite (if a user is not on this list, you will need to add them as a user to your portal)
  6. Select the user by clicking the checkbox beside their name. You can invite multiple users at the same time by selecting multiple users
  7. At the bottom of the screen, click Send Invite
    1. This user or users will now be added to the list of users within the table.
    2. The user will receive an invitation to join Biglytics
  8. Once they have joined, you will see this under the Last Active column

Removing a user

  1. Hover over the row of the user you wish to remove
  2. You will see a button appear that says remove access, click it
  3. You will be asked to confirm the removal of this user
  4. Confirm the action by selecting Yes, remove access
  5. This user will now be removed from Biglytics

Rules of Engagement

The Biglytics portal is shared amongst the HubSpot partner network, meaning other HubSpot platinum and diamond partners will be using this portal to demo and test HubSpot’s products. By signing up to use the Biglytics AP portal, your contact information will be viewable by other partners/agencies that use the demo portal. This includes:

  • Your basic user details, such as first/last name, email, and avatar;
  • Any information you include in the content you create while using the portal (e.g., an email signature that contact identifiable information) or emails you send and actions you take that will be visible in the CRM record. Any content or data created in the portal will be cleaned up every day/week (deletion frequency subject to change).

Finally, the Biglytics portal is to be used with non-identifiable or fake data only. In addition, do not under any circumstances connect your email inbox with Biglytics AP through either the Email Integration settings or the HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension. Connecting your email inbox will make it possible for your emails to be logged and thus viewable by other users of the portal. If for any reason you realize that you’ve accidentally connected your email inbox to Biglytics AP please reach out to HubSpot (#biglytics Slack channel) so we can help resolve the situation. You or any of the users you invite to this portal will not be permitted to import Contacts, Companies, Deals or Tickets. In addition, please refrain from adding any personally identifiable information (e.g. email addresses for real people) through manual record creation in the portal, form submission on the website or any other method as this would be a violation of GDPR and other data privacy regulations. We have provided a fake email domain called that you can use for creating any fake email addresses as needed (e.g., adding records to the portal when necessary and sending emails through HubSpot or any other method. Note that all contacts you see in the portal are automatically generated with an email address on the domain.

We reserve the right to revoke access to any user who violates these guidelines.  

If you do not want your information viewed in this way and you disagree with the above guidelines, please do not use the Biglytics AP portal. To have your user account deleted, please contact the admin of your HubSpot portal.

Additional Notes

A few things to be aware of about the Biglytics AP website and HubSpot portal:

User Permissions

  • Users added to the portal can create drafts website, landing pages and blog posts but not publish them. You can also make modifications to live pages but can't publish the changes. JITA access to this portal has been disabled.


  • Due to GDPR and other privacy regulations, only fake contacts are permitted in this portal with an email address on the domain (e.g. Do not manually create contacts, submit forms or use any other mechanism to add contacts with email addresses on any other domain.


  • Traffic from HubSpot IP addresses will show up in the Sources report and is not filtered out as is the case with other HubSpot portals. This allows you to see your page views in the contact timeline and page analytics for demo purposes.

Content & Maintenance FAQs

When will you delete demo content created by me?

  • Workflows, Website/Landing Pages, Blog Posts, Forms, Lead Flows, Lists, Contact/Company/Deal Properties, Dashboards, CTAs, Email, Competitors, Campaigns, Projects
  • These are all deleted on a periodic basis 

Where can I find pre-built content to use in my demos?

Generally speaking, pre-built content is prefixed with [Data] and can be sorted by name or filtered by typing "[Data]" in the search bar. For example, the saved filtered view of contacts complete with timeline data is labeled "[Data] Demo Contacts"

What is the process to prevent changes to pre-built content?

Pre-built examples, or common use cases, were created for everyone in this pilot to use. We ask that you either use as is or clone and rename if you need to make any changes.

What if a pre-built example is accidentally changed? How do you revert back to the original version?

For content types that can still be modified, changes are reverted automatically for designated pre-built examples on a regular basis. 

Help Us Improve Biglytics

If you have support questions, issues or just feedback, please raise those in the #biglytics slack channel. If you are not part of the HubSpot Partner slack, please join first here and then search for the open #biglytics channel to join.