How to Sell:
Brand Domain Add-on

One Liner Value Proposition

The Brand Domain add-on allows you to manage multiple top-level domains (think and in a single portal with the ability to host content, filter traffic reports for content on the additional domain, and restrict access to publishing by domain to specific teams and users.

Why Brand Domain?

If you’ve ever worked with (or tried to sell to) a large company on HubSpot, you’ve likely run into a problem that looks something like this:

The client is big. Or they soon will be. They have two brands, or regional offices, or business units, or two separate companies... the list goes on. They want to run marketing, sales and services for both groups in HubSpot which includes hosting and reporting on two websites, running separate lead gen campaigns, maintaining two distinct contact databases. Basically, go all in on HubSpot.

Until now, we haven’t had a great solution for them. They would have had to combine everything into one portal but that can get pretty messy, or they could buy two separate portals, but that’s expensive. That all changes with the Brand Domain Add-on.

With the Brand Domain Add-on, you can:

  • Host content on an additional brand domain. For example, hosting content on and
  • Create analytics views for additional brand domains
  • Restrict editing and publishing of content on an additional brand domain. Your marketing team, for example, could publish on and, while your services team could only publish on

Product Resources

  • Brand Domain: Product Page
  • Brand Domain: One-Pager

How to Demo the Brand Domain Add-on?


The Brand Domain Add-on costs $700 USD/month.

Note: We’re talking about brand domains (think and If you want to host multiple subdomains, subdirectories, or country code top-level domains (e.g. .de or .fr) those are all included in the single domain limit.

You may be asking, what about existing Marketing Hub Enterprise portals with multiple domains? They will all get full brand domain functionality for domains connected (via DNS) if they purchased by November 1, 2018.

Customer Fit

This feature is especially interesting for large, multi-brand companies with Marketing Hub Enterprise (which is a requirement). They need separation on their CRM objects, as well as separate branding and analytics on their marketing activities. They also have a need to market, sell or service multiple brands, divisions, product lines or businesses.

Marketing Hub Enterprise customers get one Hosting Domain (that includes associated country Top Level Domains and subdomains). If a customer wishes to publish content to another domain, they will need to purchase the Brand Domains add-on for each additional domain. Here are some examples to help you see when and how many Brand Domains are needed:

Example Hosting Domains Number of Brand Domains Needed
All hosting domains are under the TLD and included in the Marketing Hub Enterprise subscription. No additional Brand Domains required.
All hosting domains would be included in the Marketing Hub Enterprise subscription. However, the subdomains require the purchase of One Brand Domains add-on.
One hosting domain is included in the Marketing Hub Enterprise subscription. Three Brand Domains add-ons are required to publish content to all 4 domains.

This decision tree helps decipher what your clients might need:

brand domains decision tree

*The pricing set out on the Product and Services page is for information purposes only, as per the terms of your Agency Partner Program Agreement you may resell HubSpot Products to customers at a price determined solely by you.