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Content Strategy

One Liner Value Proposition

The HubSpot Content Strategy Tool is integrated directly into your content creation process and allows you to focus on owning topics that drive business, not keywords. Because Content Strategy is integrated into all of HubSpot's content tools, you can see which content is creating the most value for your customers to inform your topic cluster strategy.

Why Content Strategy?

Search has changed. Buyers no longer search using keywords and search the way they talk. Yet, the content creation process hasn't evolved and is still largely based on long-tail keywords.

HubSpot Content Strategy integrates a proven content methodology to discover, execute, optimize, and report on content that generates results.

Benefits of Content Strategy

  • Discover topics to own. Search has moved beyond keywords. Clusters of content organized under a topic now define your influence in the eyes of search engines. With HubSpot's Content Strategy tool you can easily identify topics to go after based on their monthly search volume, domain authority, and relevancy.
  • Organize Content for Humans, Optimize it For Search Engines. Information architecture plays a crucial role in your SEO, and with Content Strategy you can organize content in a way that's best for visitors, and optimized for search engines.
  • Easily Create Ungated Content. Allowing search engines to read your content, and people to find the answers they're looking for, is a core tenet of this new strategy. Use any of HubSpot's free pillar page templates, or easily create your own.
  • See which topics work, and which don't. Measure overall topic clusters to see what content is driving leads, and prioritize your team behind what is working. Start new topic clusters to expand your influence, and build organic traffic in areas important to your business.

Product Resources

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  • Topic Clusters Overview Video
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Pillar Content Strategy Presentation Deck (NEW!)

How to Demo Content Strategy?

How does the pricing work?

Content Strategy is included in Marketing Hub Professional and Marketing Hub Enterprise subscriptions. 

Customer Fit

The Content Strategy tool is great for marketers and marketing teams that need help with:

  • Defining a content plan. They don't know what to write about and they need new ideas.
  • Getting better organic results. They want to spend less on ads and paid channels and grow organic, but none of their existing efforts seems to be working.
  • Improving their SEO rankings.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Coming soon!