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Email Marketing

Value Proposition

HubSpot Email helps growth teams send beautiful, optimized emails quickly and easily, without ever touching a line of code. From your website to your CRM system, deep connections to every other part of your growth stack help you send deeply personalized messages that feel like a one-to-one conversation.

Why Email Marketing?

It goes without saying that email is an important tool to engage with prospects and customers throughout the lifecycle. With HubSpot Email, you can

  • Make every email feel like a one-to-one conversation. The very best emails take every available bit of context about a prospect or customer into account. Because Email in HubSpot is connected to every other tool in your growth stack, sending deeply personalized, relevant emails is easy - and it never involves importing or exporting data from another system.
  • Optimize every detail of your send - One-step AB testing makes honing in on the best possible content easy. Time zone optimization send every email at the right moment for each individual contact. Optimization suggestions help you adhere to the most up-to-date best practices.
  • Create beautiful emails easily - With dozens of templates and easy to use editors at your fingertips, you can craft beautiful emails without ever touching a line of code (unless you want to.) Looking for something special? Browse hundreds of beautiful, affordable templates in the HubSpot Marketplace.

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Email with CRM
  • Because email is connected to your CRM and other marketing tools, it's easy to create segments and personalize emails based on deep details without the need to import data.
  • Email engagement data also flows back to every other tool. For example, it can automatically impact a contact's lead score, or can be used to trigger actions using Workflows.
Email the fosters a human approach
  • Email in HubSpot makes it possible to send specific, detailed emails that feel like a 1 to 1 exchange. Use personalization tokens to mention specific details about a prospect. Tailor entire blocks of content within a specific email send using smart content.
Simple, powerful editors
  • Creating beautiful emails in HubSpot doesn't require any technical or coding skills. Start from one of a dozen out of the box template, or create your own.
Optimization tools
  • HubSpot Email helps you get every detail right, from timing your messages to send at the right moment based on every recipients' timezone, to giving you helpful suggestions on how to adhere to the latest best practices while crafting your email.

Examples of Agency Services

  1. Connect email sending domain
  2. Setup shared inbox
  3. Integrate meetings scheduler with email
  4. Setup email workflows (automation)
  1. Research audiences
  2. Create personas
  3. Craft content strategy
  4. Assist sales team with templates
  1. Develop targeted email lists
  2. Create offers to drive engagement
  3. Build email newsletters
  4. Setup email workflows (automation)
Maintenance & Testing
  1. Remove unengaged subscribers
  2. Ensure GDPR compliance
  3. Monitor/test CTA performance
  4. Monitor/test email campaign performance

How to Demo HubSpot Email?

Demo like a Pro, Coming soon! In the meantime, check out our demo page and skip to the Marketing Hub section, here.

How does the pricing work?

HubSpot Email Tool is included in Marketing Hub. For more information about pricing, visit our pricing page.

Go-to-Market Strategy

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