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HubSpot Video

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Available in English, French, German and Spanish.

One Liner Value Proposition

HubSpot Video helps your entire team create, host, and measure authentic, personal video content.

Why HubSpot Video?

Today, customers want to see video content that is personal, authentic, and conversational. Businesses that understand this shift win the attention of their audience:

  • Build stronger relationships through video. HubSpot Video makes it easy to create and share new 1:1 video content right from the timeline inside HubSpot. Record your camera, your screen, or both at the same time.
  • Run impactful video campaigns. With HubSpot Video, your marketing team can easily upload, optimize, and share video right inside HubSpot. Easily customize the player and thumbnails. Add pre or post-roll forms and calls-to-action. Edit metadata to help your video perform well in search.
  • Understand the impact of video across the entire lifecycle. Get a detailed look at how individual contacts are consuming video content, or see a birds-eye view of your video content performance in aggregate with robust analytics.

Product Resources

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How to Demo HubSpot Video?

HubSpot Video and Vidyard Platform Upgrades

HubSpot Video is a series of video features available in Pro and Enterprise across Sales, Service, and Marketing Hubs. Customers can now use video throughout the customer journey – from generating leads to closing deals to delighting customers.

HubSpot video offers a foundation to get started with video. Customers who want more sophisticated video features in HubSpot can unlock them with an additional subscription to our technology partner Vidyard.

For more information on what features are available in HubSpot Video and what features you can unlock by adding a Vidyard subscription, check out this deck.

How Does the Pricing Work?

HubSpot Video is a platform level product. It is included in HubSpot across Sales, Marketing, and Service at the Professional and Enterprise levels.

Vidyard customers have access to some additional advanced features. To understand the upgrade features available through Vidyard, check out the HubSpot Video and Vidyard Upgrades Overview Deck.

Customer Fit

HubSpot Video is a fit for companies who understand the power of video but struggle to implement and master it, and companies who want to leverage video across the entire customer journey, not just marketing.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Tips from Partner Experts

Do you need ideas to start generating business with HubSpot Video?

Take a look at these videos from our partner experts at Nextiny and Sales Communications on how you can wrap services around the tool, and how to start selling it right:

*The pricing set out on the Product and Services page is for information purposes only, as per the terms of your Agency Partner Program Agreement you may resell HubSpot Products to customers at a price determined solely by you.