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Program Announcement:
A New Partner Program for 2020

At Partner Day at INBOUND 2019, we previewed some exciting updates to the nearly 10 year old HubSpot Agency Partner Program. There'll be changes coming to our partnership model, tiers and benefits. All with the goal of making it easier to connect, grow and partner with us.

Read all the details here

Watch Katie Ng-Mak's keynote


Product Announcements

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Product changes in 2019 were rooted in partner feedback and designed to make HubSpot easier to use, available to businesses of all sizes, and support even more of the work you do every day.
Over the past year we focused on building the things you’ve been asking for -- the tried and true features you need to grow your business.
Learn more about the new features by checking out the resources below. And check your inbox after INBOUND wraps for a full recap.

Marketing Hub

Watch the below video walkthroughs on changes coming to Marketing Hub, including; Attribution Reporting (coming to beta soon), Marketing Hub Starter changes, Social Post Boosting (in beta) and Native Lead Ad Creation in HubSpot.

Sales Hub

Watch the below video walkthroughs to learn more about what's changing in Sales Hub and how to demo these new enhancements:

Service Hub

Watch the below video walkthrough and learn what's new in Service Hub. As a bonus, watch the second video to learn how to demo these new features:

Additional Service Hub Resources:

Feature breakdown & limitations by product tier PDF (shareable with customers and prospects)

New features announced at INBOUND demo slide deck (use when showing customers what's new)

Partner Resource Page: Expanding Services with Service Hub

Platform Integrations

Watch the below video walkthroughs to hear about the most exciting announcement, the new App Marketplace. As a bonus, watch the second video to learn how to demo the new App Marketplace:

Additional Platform Integrations Resources:

Curious what HubSpot is doing in terms of integrations and app adoption?

Annual recap. Read the latest news about the growing HubSpot app partner ecosystem in this platform retrospective — including the Top 20 fastest growing apps this year.

New App Marketplace.

Partner Resource Page - How to Sell: Platform Integrations This is a great page to learn how to get started with delivering services with integrations or going further with developing your own.

New Partner Training & Prize Giveaway

As HubSpot Partners you deserve to have access to the same training our internal sales team receives.

We're excited to announce that a new training is now live to all partners. This course will provide your agency the most up to date positioning of HubSpot and is a replica of the training our internal sales team received.

Take the Academy Course Now

Once you complete the training, you'll have the opportunity to submit a mock pitch for a chance to win. Bonus for submitting a pitch: your Channel Account Manager will offer you constructive feedback upon submitting.

Prizes Available:

1. Shuffleboard Table for your office

2. Custom Kegerator for your office

3. Exclusive consulting session with a HubSpot Executive member