How to Sell:
HubSpot Integrations Platform

One Liner Value Proposition

Leveraging integrations built on top of the HubSpot platform can help you differentiate your agency and build additional service offerings for your clients, ultimately helping your and your clients' businesses grow better together.

What is the HubSpot Platform?

HubSpot's integration platform is our means to extend HubSpot's functionality beyond the core HubSpot products. Whether your client has very niche use cases that HubSpot doesn't natively build solutions for, or they simply enjoy using another software in conjunction with HubSpot, leveraging the network of HubSpot integrations gives the opportunity to tailor things to your client's needs. 

Why should you care?

The integrations platform provides an opportunity for HubSpot agency partners to expand their service offerings beyond marketing, sales and services. By embracing the hundreds of third-party software that integrate seamlessly with HubSpot, agency partners can build services to differentiate themselves from the competition and most importantly, continue helping their clients grow better.  Check out our agency service primers to learn how you can build services like video, advanced analytics, and sales enablement for 40+ different types of integrated software.


How to Demo Platform & Integrations

Customer Fit

As an agency, you should not only encourage your clients to take advantage of software integrations, but you should offer solutions and services around them and help clients adopt a platform approach to doing business. 

The HubSpot platform has something to offer every customer.  This will mean different things for different customers - but ultimately a customer's size or budget shouldn't prevent them from using some of the apps that build on top of HubSpot.  The important thing is to understand their core pain points and where an integration might be able to be brought in to help.  Maybe a customer is struggling with events or webinars for example - jump into that category in the directory and see what might help them out!

We have integrations that range from high in price and complex in functionality designed for more sophisticated customers, to integrations that have a freemium model for anyone at any price point to try.

If you don't know where to start or how to begin thinking about potential integration service offerings, take a look at our agency service primers that some of our Connect partners have built for reference! We've organized them into categories:

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    Apps for Agency Services Program

    To further enable our Platinum and Diamond agencies we've built a program called Apps for Agency Services (AFAS) where you can sign up for these apps for free to try them out for yourself. If you're a Gold or Silver partner, you're not eligible for AFAS just yet, but you can still utilize the agency service primers. This program was created with the purpose of bringing our Connect and Agency partner communities together to help them grow better together. Agency partners get to expand their service offerings with free Connect partner software and Connect partners get access to HubSpot's agency reseller channel.

    Check out the core program page with further details & signup form.
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    The HubSpot Connect Ecosystem

    HubSpot's Connect partner ecosystem has over 220 different integrated apps in 17 categories! This number is growing quickly as we continue to extend the reach and functionality of our platform.

    Check out the integrations directory to discover apps for you and your clients!

Did you know we have a categorized directory with over 220 integrated apps for you and your clients to leverage?