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Marketing Hub Professional

One Liner Value Proposition

Marketing Hub Professional helps you match the way you market with the way people shop and to personalize at scale, so you can avoid growing pains for your team and customers alike.

Why Marketing Hub Professional?

Remember those tasks you need to do manually, like scheduling a sequence of emails to nurture a set of contacts or spinning up multiple landing pages to send them to different audiences? Forget about them with Marketing Hub Professional.

Marketing Hub Professional enables personalization at a scale, so you can now automate most of the tasks that you used to do manually.

  • Build customer journeys and automate dozens of different actions like email sends, data management, team notifications, and more using a robust visual editor
  • Run A/B tests on landing pages and emails to optimize copy and design.
  • Adapt your website and email content for specific segments of your audience.
  • Host and manage video files inside your HubSpot account. Embed videos into web pages and blog posts, add CTAs and forms within videos to make them interactive and track video performance with new performance page video analytics.
  • Create up to 25 custom reports on your HubSpot data.

Product Resources

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How to Demo Marketing Hub Professional?

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How does the pricing work?

Marketing Hub Professional price starts at $800 USD/month with 1000 contacts included.

Customer Fit

Marketing Hub Professional is a fit for specialized marketing teams that want to efficiently run inbound campaigns with content and automation.

Go-to-Market Strategy

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