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Sales Hub Enterprise

One Liner Value Proposition

Sales Hub Enterprise gives advanced sales organizations all of the CRM and sales acceleration tools they need in a single package - all without making life complicated for you, your team, or your prospects.

Why Sales Hub Enterprise?

  • Advanced pipeline management. Sales Hub Enterprise gives you the flexibility you need to manage the most complex sales strategies with ease. Sales Hub Enterprise supports multiple currencies, recurring revenue, and renewals -- plus you can easily calculate commissions and measure performance with period-based quotas and quota ramps.
  • Advanced deal management. Sales Hub Enterprise includes all the details you need to keep deals moving forward. Set up discount approval workflows, get access to eSign and payment integrations and store contracts directly in the CRM.
  • Integrated sales playbooks. With Sales Hub Enterprise, it’s easy for managers to guide their team towards success. Playbooks offers a robust content library for internal knowledge docs, competitive battle cards, decks, call scripts, and more. Plus, rules-based automation helps surface the right content at the right time.
  • Improved administrator & security settings. Sales Hub Enterprise comes with advanced permission settings so your team can get to work, and you can rest easy knowing that your system is safe and secure.

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How Does the Pricing Work?

The price of Sales Hub Enterprise starts at $1,200 with 10 seats included. Additional seats cost $120 per user.*

Please note all Sales Hub Enterprise customers must purchase onboarding through HubSpot or through one of our Sales Hub Enterprise Strategic Launch Partners.  

Customer Fit

Sales Hub Enterprise is a fit for large and/or sophisticated sales teams. This is best suited for companies with between 10-100 Sales reps with multiple teams and managers, more advanced needs around pipeline/deal management, and require more granularity in their setup and administration than HubSpot has previously offered.

Most of these companies will already have a CRM in place -- Sales Hub Enterprise is for those who have a light to medium implementation of that CRM. They haven’t gotten the adoption they need out of their CRM, and are willing to make a change to realize a more productive future.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Tips from Partner Experts

Do you need ideas to start going to market with Sales Hub Enterprise?

Take a look at these videos from our partner experts at Revenue River, Avidly, LyntonWeb and Salted Stone on how you can wrap services around the tool, and how to start selling it right:

*The pricing set out on the Product and Services page is for information purposes only, as per the terms of your Agency Partner Program Agreement you may resell HubSpot Products to customers at a price determined solely by you.