How to Sell:
Service Hub

One Liner Value Proposition

Service Hub is a complete suite of service software for customer service teams. It includes tools to connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into promoters that grow your business.

Why Service Hub?

Service Hub is a toolset designed to turn your customers into promoters. Companies typically invest in Marketing and Sales but don’t have a system in place to manage post-sale activities.

Ask your prospect this simple question: What happens when someone becomes a customer of yours?

Most companies struggle to answer this question because they don't have the tools in place to truly understand what happens.

This creates a disjointed customer experience and makes the front line support team less productive and efficient. Imagine receiving a ticket, then having to go into another system (CRM) to check conversation history, then jumping back to ticketing to reply... all the while, none of that data is syncing with each other.

Product Resources

  • Service Hub Product Page
  • Service Hub Overview Deck
  • Promo Launch Video
  • Customer Story Video: Kettlebell Kings
  • Inbound Service Fundamentals Lesson
  • Service Hub Enterprise: One-Pager (NEW!)
  • Service Hub Professional: One-Pager (NEW!)

How to Demo Service Hub?


Service Hub is now available in three editions: Starter, Professional and Enterprise.

  • Starter starts at $50 per month (1 user included)
  • Professional starts at $400 per month (5 users included)
  • Enterprise starts at $1200 per month (10 users included)

Customer Fit

Current customers using HubSpot CRM, or CRM WATs that are not ‘entrenched’ in other Helpdesk software. 

Job Titles of prospects you may be working with:

  1. Operations manager
  2. Service Manager
  3. VP/Director of Customer Success
  4. VP/Director of Customer Service/Support
  5. VP/Director of Sales
  6. C-Level (most likely CEO or COO) at a smaller company
  7. Director (VP) of Sales/Marketing
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