Agencies that acquire new business on a consistent basis do two things: qualify opportunities to ensure their services compliment prospect need, and conduct a sales process that draws compelling parallels between their capabilities and expertise and the prospect's goals. Use the HubSpot resources below to ensure your agency is positioning itself to win.

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    How to Present the Winning Solution

    Data we've collected from 1500+ firms and consultants says agencies are struggling with growth and cash flow because lead generation is weak, they're not effectively turning leads into long-term clients, and aren't offering the right services that demonstrate ROI and ensure retention. Watch this webinar to see what our best agency partners have done to overcome these challenges.

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    How to Write a Proposal that Gets Signed

    Arm your agency with the questions you'll need to probe into your client'schallenges and goals. Master the art and science of pulling together the perfect custom proposal for each of your prospect's unique requirements with this agency webinar.

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    How to Diagnose Prospect Need for Inbound Marketing

    The online marketing sales process starts with an Inbound Marketing Assessment.It's where you discuss a prospect's website and their current online marketing efforts.This tool, eBook and video kit will help your agency effectively assess the current online marketing activities of a prospect, and help them understand how inbound marketing, and your services, can help turn challenges into opportunities.

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