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    Amanda Sibley is the Director of Marketing for HubSpot for Startups. The HubSpot for Startups program offers a unique program to startups through software to help grow better, programming, and mentorship. Previously, Amanda managed the HubSpot demand generation team, generating new leads for the HubSpot sales team through all inbound marketing channels. Previously, Amanda ran the co-marketing team, which is responsible creating new relationships with content partners while strengthening relationships with current partners of HubSpot in order to generate leads. Amanda also ran the paid lead generation channel at HubSpot, generating thousands of leads for the HubSpot sales team. She is a regular contributor to the HubSpot marketing team blog and creator of ebooks, where she write about topics including PPC, online advertising, Facebook marketing, and social media marketing. Amanda is a graduate of Bentley University where she received a BS in Marketing.