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    Director of Training and Development

    Andrew  Quinn

    Andrew Quinn is known around the orange-hued hallways of HubSpot as The Sales Doctor" because of his uncanny ability to train and coach world class salespeople. As the Director of Training and Development at HubSpot, Andrew is responsible for making sure HubSpots uniquely diverse sales and services teams are as sharp as a tack when it comes to selling and supporting the HubSpot software. Andrew is also accountable for training and coaching HubSpot managers in the art of leadership and development.  Its a balancing act that few can carry off, but his 24 years of experience in sales, management, and training make possible this remarkable sleight-of-hand.

    His success at HubSpot relies on his ability to draw on an intense understanding of what marketers in small to medium sized companies need. For this, hes able to draw on two decades of experience working at companies just like those he now sells to, as well as larger organizations like Verizon, Microsoft, and For sixteen years, Andrew worked in the Yellow Pages industry, which also gives him a unique perspective on how marketing has been utterly transformed in the last twenty years.

    When Andrew's not working with HubSpotters on upping their sales game, hes usually found rocking out as the lead guitarist for New England's best 80's hard rock cover band, Wildside.