Track Companies Viewing Your Website with HubSpot's New Prospect App

by Andy Pitre


Nov 4, 2011 3:10:00 PM

HubSpot is happy to announce a new addition to our suite of inbound marketing tools that allows marketers and sales people to track the companies visiting their websites - even if they haven't filled out a form.

This new app, that we're calling Prospects**, allows HubSpot customers to identify prospects, gauge interest levels of prospective buyers, and measure the effectiveness of targeted campaigns.

Find Out What Companies Are Viewing Your Website and How They Found It

For each company, you will be able to see basic information including when they were first seen, how many page views they’ve had and how many visitors from that company have veiwed your website. HubSpot will also tell you how each visitor found your website and, if they did a search, what they were searching for.

This gives HubSpot customers a deeper understanding of how to market and sell to prospective buyers who are already consuming their content.

See What Content Is Being Viewed and Sparking People's Interest

HubSpot customers are now able to see each page that has been viewed by every visitor from a particular company. We sort this information by the number of page views as well as the total number of visitiors who have viewed a particular page. 

This give sales people and marketers deeper insight into how interested a prospective company might be in your products or services. If that company has looked at particular pages, for example a pricing page, it allows you to understand how how far that company is in the buying cycle.

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Drill Down into Individual Visitors and Research Prospective Companies on LinkedIn

In addition to seeing content data in aggregate, the new Prospects app allows HubSpot customers to drill down into individual visitors. If any of those visotors have already become a lead, their prospect record will merge with their lead record in HubSpot's marketing database.

If the visitor is not a lead yet, HubSpot will store their pageviews and sessions so that we can include this information in their lead record in the future. 

The new leads app also has a simple LinkedIn integration that makes it easy to search for a prospective company and its employees on LinkedIn.

See a Timeline of All of the Sessions from a Prospective Company

One of the sexier features of the The new app is an interactive timeline that lets HubSpot customers breakdown a prospective company's session by day. The timeline view also includes campaign details, allowing marketers to better understand if their targeted campaigns are paying off

Manage this New (Huge) Data Source with Search, Daily Email Updates and Exports to Excel

The data that's provided in a tool like HubSpot's prospects app is only valuable if you can manage it.

HubSpot customers can search prospects by company, country or region; subscribe themselves or their sales team to daily emails; or export the Prospect tool's data to excel. Whatever works best for your organization.

Getting Started

HubSpot cusotmers can access the new prospects app from the "Convert" menu in the HubSpot product. 

If you're not a HubSpot customer but would like to try the Prospects app, you can request a free demo of HubSpot today.

** For those taking careful notes, HubSpot previously had a similar tool with the same name and limited functionality. This new app is a complete front and backend re-write that gives HubSpot customers bigger, badder marketing analytics.

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