HubSpot Improves Social Media Publishing with a New App

by Andy Pitre


Nov 11, 2011 12:48:00 PM

Creating & Content is Essential to Inbound Marketing

Content is key to getting found online. This includes the content that you create on your website and blog; as well as through your social media profiles. The ability to easily share content through your social media profiles is essential. 

For several years, HubSpot has encouraged marketers to get involved in social media and has built tools and integrations into our all-in-one marketing software that allow customers to auto publish their blog posts, monitor popular social networks, and engage with their own customers and prospects on social media. 

Today, HubSpot has released a new app that makes it easier to schedule and publish content through your social media accounts. 

What's this New Social Media App All About?

HubSpot's latest social media app, which launched via HubSpot's app marketplace, makes social media publishing even easier for HubSpot customers. 

The app lets you create messages, and publish them through popular social networks (currently supporting Twitter). If you'd like to create several messages at once, you can schedule them to publish at a later time and date.

The new tools allows you to keep track of the messages you've published, as well as the ones that are currently scheduled. 

It also pulls in content from your blog and makes it easy to promote or re-promote your existing content.

Additionally if you have multiple Twitter accounts that you manage you can easily post to all of your accounts at once or individually from the new app. You can schedule to each individual account separately or simultaneously.    

What Does this Mean for Marketers?

As a best practice, marketers should be thoughtfully sharing the content they create online via their business social media accounts. This includes the posts you create through your blog as well as the offers you're promoting for lead gen like upcoming webinars, free eBooks, and the like. 

Up until now, HubSpot has made it easy to publish your content on a one-time basis with our blog auto-publish feature. After some research and evaluation, we decided that this didn't go far enough. There are times when it will benefit marketers to re-publish the same piece of content more than once. 

Take a blog post of example: In order to maximize the number of followers who see that post, you'll want to schedule several unique tweets linking back to that post. HubSpot currently does this with our inbound marketing blog and it has increased the number of visitors and leads that we generate from social media each month.

The same is true for your offers. If you have a webinar coming up, you can make your life easier by scheduling a week's worth of social media promotion in one sitting.

How to Install the New App

If you're already a HubSpot customer, you can install the free app from HubSpot's app marketplace. If you're not a HubSpot cusotmer, you can take the new app for a test drive by registering for a free HubSpot demo

What's Next for the Publishing App?

As of today, the new publishing app integrates with Twitter. Coming soon, the app will integrate with other social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. 

We will also be adding more analytics into the app to allow marketers to understand what content driving the highest number of engagement, visits, leads and revenue. This will allow HubSpot customers to create better content; and publish that content at the right time, and through the right social network. 

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