HubSpot Now Integrates With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by Jordyne Wu


Mar 31, 2011 8:00:00 AM

HubSpot & MS DynamicsHubSpot Partners have been busy using the HubSpot's API to integrate with 3rd party systems. Today, we're pleased to announce that HubSpot Partner LyntonWeb has developed a connector linking together HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This connector can be found on both Microsoft PinPoint and in the HubSpot Marketplace.

The connector will make it easier for Dynamics CRM customers to use inbound marketing to generate and convert more leads.  Inbound Marketing is the practice of leveraging the way consumers use the web to interact with them during the natural course of their research - via blogs, search engines, and social media. Inbound Marketing differs from Outbound Marketing in that potential customers find you by consuming remarkable content (whitepapers, eBooks, and webinars) rather than through the interruptive nature of commercials, email blasts, and telemarketing.

"Microsoft is committed to developing the broadest ecosystem of solutions to help our customers get the most from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution," says Connor Marsden, US Director, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online at Microsoft. "The integration of Hubspot with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one example of our partners adding value and delivering solutions that give customers new capabilities to help them boost their sales productivity and marketing effectiveness."  

Today, Sales and Marketing must be tied in both practice and technology. If your CRM isn't integrated with your online lead generation activities, you're missing out on valuable process efficiencies, sales growth, and reporting.

Integration Improves Sales Productivity

HubSpot's integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves sales productivity by allowing you to:

  • Get leads generated from your website into Dynamics CRM with information on the lead's source, website activity, geography, etc.
  • Assign leads based on the marketing campaign, form submitted, lead grade, geography, etc.
  • Qualify and connect with leads based on the lead's website activity and interests.
  • Get instant-email notifications when your leads return to your website.

Integration Enables Closed-Loop Reporting for Marketing

HubSpot's integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables closed-loop reporting by:

  • Determining which marketing campaigns are not only generating leads, but sales.
  • Reporting closed/won statuses in Dynamics CRM back in HubSpot as conversion to customers so you can see which campaigns are producing traffic, leads, and customers.

Use HubSpot to Convert More Leads

  • Use HubSpot's landing pages, lead nurturing, and email marketing tools to get your web leads more sales-ready
  • Within Dynamics CRM, assign or prioritize only the leads that convert more than once.

Use HubSpot to Generate More Leads

  • Use HubSpot’s CMS, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media tools to generate more traffic and leads from your website.

Get started integrating HubSpot with Dynamics CRM yourself using the HubSpot Leads API or LyntonWeb's integration service.

Update: As of 2015, HubSpot now has its own CRM! Get it here.

get the free hubspot crm

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