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Weekly Schedule Template for Excel, PDF

Tracking employees’ work time and wages is easy with this free weekly schedule template.

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Available for Excel & PDF

Template Highlights

  • Add the dates in column B. Then write the first day in D8 (for example, "Tuesday") and click and drag the square in the lower right-hand corner to automatically fill the rest of column D
  • Add the time you clock in (00:00 AM/PM) in Column G and the time you clock out (00:00 AM/PM) for lunch in Column I. Do the same thing for Column M and L. The total hours for that day will calculate automatically
  • Put your hourly rate in cell N17 so you can see how much money you're making that week
  • Have both the employee and the manager sign the timesheet
  • Download it as a PDF or Excel file
  • Print it, email it, say the magic word to it


What is a weekly schedule template?

A weekly schedule template is a document or a spreadsheet that you and your team can use to keep tabs on scheduled work shifts, time tracking, and employee breaks. It’s used to record each employee’s work time so you can accurately calculate wages.

What does a weekly schedule template include?

A weekly schedule template includes everything you need for employee time tracking and wage calculation on a weekly basis.

As such, you’ll typically see the following features on a weekly schedule template:

  • Date: The start date of the week.
  • Clock-in and clock-out times: The times that your employee started and ended their shift.
  • Lunch break: The start and end times for the employee’s lunch break.
  • Total hours: The template may automatically calculate the total number of hours worked each day.
  • Hourly rate: The employee’s hourly rate of pay.
  • Total earnings: The employee’s gross wages for the week, equal to the total hours worked times the hourly rate.
  • Signature area: Signature lines for the manager and employee to confirm time worked, hourly rate, and gross pay.

Importance of weekly schedule templates

A weekly schedule template helps you streamline time tracking for each employee by providing a standard format for recording time worked, pay rate, and gross wages for each week. It can also help you:

Process payroll more efficiently

Using a template for time tracking and wage calculations makes it easier to process payroll each week by standardizing timesheets for each employee. Not to mention, a weekly schedule template for Excel can speed up payroll by automatically calculating total hours worked and gross wages.

Improve the employee experience

Make clocking in and out easy for your employees by using a consistent format each week. With a weekly schedule template, your team can see their hourly rate and total hours worked in real-time so they know what to expect when payroll comes.

Comply with labor regulations

According to Fair Labor Standards Act recordkeeping guidelines in the US, employers must keep payroll records for at least three years. Using a weekly schedule template for PDF or Excel, you can easily print or save digital records of each employee’s work hours and payroll calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, add the week in cell C2 and the employee’s name in F2. Next, add the specific dates in Column B. Finally, add how many hours they worked that week in Column C. 

As free as can be. Once you’ve entered your contact information, you can instantly download this free weekly schedule template (along with all the other templates in this collection!). That’s it.

We hope that you do! This template can get you started, but feel free to tailor it to your business.