Can you tell us a little about your background and journey to HubSpot?

I've been working and playing with data since 2014, and I absolutely love it.
I started as an analyst at a consulting firm in New Delhi, India. I learned data warehousing techniques and ETL, used business intelligence to build reports, and worked with customers to understand their problems and propose data solutions. I worked in various fields like healthcare providers, payments, retail business, finance, and sales.

I got married in 2019 before moving to Dublin to join my husband. I was drawn to HubSpot because of its great reviews, experience, and love for data. I have been at HubSpot for two years and do not see myself going anywhere else in the near future.

Fun fact: Hubspot is my husband's dream company, and I am living his dream! 😇

Describe a typical day in your role.

My day starts with organizing my thoughts, the status of where I am in my work, what I will do for the day, and updating it in the slack team stand-ups.

I spend my time building data warehousing solutions and writing SQL queries to solve business problems, transforming the raw data from the source into a presentable & functional form that is easy to read, testing the data, and documenting the process. I use our team slack channels to gather feedback, get PR approvals, and help other team members with their queries.

My customers are usually the internal Sales, Finance, and Services teams who want to use data and its insights to make more significant business decisions. We meet virtually to go through the status of the project and blockers or to discuss any business logic.

What technical challenges are you currently working on?

I am working on a project to deprecate one of our heavily used legacy reports built almost six years ago to solve use cases. It has now evolved into one of the most complicated bits to support and is not the most reliable source for reporting purposes. It has more than 250 columns and over 10,000 lines of code, making it very difficult to work on!

Moving away from something so extensively used requires a lot of planning, groundwork, and strong communication to reach out to its users, lay out a plan for the migration, and build an apt replacement for the data tables to be deprecated. Setting the timelines and aligning all the users is also very demanding.

Are there any industry trends or topics that are exciting to you right now?

What intrigues me is how AI secretly controls and manipulates our lives, how social media companies drive users by using algorithms that encourage addiction to their platforms, and how personal data is used to generate targeted ads.

How are you solving for the customer? 

Hubspot's values and its people abide by those values. Hubspot never shies away from using new tools and trying new in-market technologies.

What do you like to do outside of HubSpot in your free time?

Exercise: current favorite "Strength Training"
Read books: current read "Laura Tobin: Everyday Ways to Save Our Planet."
Learn Spanish on Duolingo: current streak is 475 days.

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Originally published Jan 26, 2023 2:00:00 AM, updated August 08 2023