HubSpot Champion User Program

HubSpot Champion Users are the most active, engaged and experienced users of HubSpot tools. They’re building more workflows, logging more calls, and scheduling more emails than most - and we think that’s something worth recognizing.

Who are HubSpot Champion Users?

HubSpot Champion Users are the marketing and sales heroes. Out of hundreds of thousands of people who use our software on a daily basis, they are HubSpot's top active and engaged users.

We select HubSpot Champion Users based on their product usage activity in each quarter and also on an annual basis. To recognize these achievements we proudly award HubSpot Champion Users certificates to show off their HubSpot prowess and skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • HubSpot Champion Users are our 1,000 most active users of Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, measured by reviewing product usage activity on an individual user level. If you use HubSpot’s software on a regular basis, then you just might qualify for our HubSpot Champion User certificate. You don’t need to submit an application - we’ll reach out to you if, based on your product usage, you make it onto the list of the 1,000 most active users of either Marketing or Sales Hub.
  • Currently we don't offer HubSpot Champion User certificates to the Service Hub users. We're planning to start doing that in the future.
  • For Marketing Hub users we look at various actions users take in product, including but not limited to sending marketing emails, activating workflows, publishing on social, creating landing pages, publishing blog posts, interacting with reporting dashboards and much more.

    For Sales Hub users we count actions like adding contacts, companies and deals to the CRM, creating tasks, setting up email sequences, making calls and more.

  • HubSpot solution providers are not eligible for HubSpot Champion User awards. If you're a HubSpot solution provider you may consider applying for HubSpot Impact Awards.
  • We're happy to help you answer your questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to Eugenia Pirotsky, Customer Advocacy Program Manager at