FAQs & Resources from the INBOUND 2016 Connect Partner Program Launches

Connect Partner INBOUND 2016 Launches

During the Connect Partner kickoff at INBOUND 2016, we announced a bunch of new benefits for Connect Partners (missed it? Download the deck here!) Below, you'll see each of the benefits listed with their respective details. If you have any questions about a specific benefits or are curious about your current tier status, please feel free to reach out to Otherwise-- stay tuned! We'll be hosting a 2017 kickoff webinar soon to walk you through these benefits and how you can go about getting involved.

All Certified Connect Partners

Increased API Limits

As we introduce API limits for customers using HubSpot products, we're increasing Connect Partners' caps to 160k calls per day. This is so you don’t need to worry about how your customers are using the API themselves-- or what other products they're integrated with -- as you’ll have your own set of calls.

HubSpot for Startups Pricing [Coming Q1 '17]

In early 2017, all Connect Partners will have the opportunity to apply to HubSpot for Startups pricing on relevant HubSpot products. Exact program details and timeline to follow soon.

Invite to HubSpot's Agency Partner Day

HubSpot has over 3,100 Partner Agency resellers, and we want to get you in front of the best! All Connect Partners will have the chance to attend Agency Partner Day 2017 in HubSpot's Cambridge offices. It's the perfect time to network with HubSpot's top agency resellers and demo your integration. See the agenda for Partner Day 2016 here.

Integrations Directory V2 Listing [Coming 1H '17]

One update we're particularly excited about in 2017 is the relaunch of our integrations directory. The revamped directory will be more accessible for HubSpot customers looking to find the right integration to fit their needs. It will also be heavily optimized so that prospects outside our ecosystem can easily discover it. The new directory is slated to be revamped in early 2017.

Silver+ Connect Partners

Preferred Pricing for Agency Partners

We're also launching a preferred pricing program where we'll give tiered Connect Partners exclusive visibility and exposure to our massive Agency Partner network in exchange for a 50% promotional discount on your software. The promotion of the software is designed to be applicable for our Agency Partners' clients-- so you'll get an extended reach of inbound advocates promoting and selling your software. All tiered Partners are currently eligible to apply. If interested, please reach out to

Case Study Collaboration

All tiered Connect Partners are now able to collaborate on publishing a case study on HubSpot's customer success story database. These published case studies are a great way to get more exposure for our joint customer success and to drive more adoption for our integration. If you're interested in getting started, please send an email to

Inclusion on Quarterly Integration Webinars [Coming in 2017]

In 2017, we'll be featuring tiered Partners in quarterly use case webinars that we'll promote to our 21,000+ customer base. Selection for these will be on a case by case basis, but if you feel like you have a compelling story to tell, please reach out to

Gold+ Connect Partners

HubSpot Projects Library Listing

HubSpot Projects are a new tool within our software that allows our 21,000+ customers to launch step-by-step templates to accomplish their inbound marketing tasks. Starting in 2017, we'll be inviting Connect Partners to launch their own project templates within the offical HubSpot Projects library. It's the perfect opportunity to plug our integration to get more adoption within our growing install base.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Starting in Q1 2017, we'll be rolling out Quarterly Business Reviews for our Gold+ Connect Partners. These strategic presentations will take a deep dive on certain metrics (shared customer metrics, integration install #s) and also include talking points around existing and future comarketing initiatives.

Agency Content Library Listing

Our 3,100+ Agency Partners leverage white-labeled ebook content that we provide them to attract prospects, convert leads, and close new clients. Now is your opportunity to be a part of that marketing conversation. As of today, all Gold+ Partners are able to publish a whitelabeled ebook template within the HubSpot Agency Partner Resource Library. If you'd like to apply to get your piece of content considered, please reach out