We not only believe in your creative freedom -– we invest in it.

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HubSpot built an accelerator to give Creators the capital, resources, and distribution they need to grow.

The average podcast episode is only listened to 29 times; it takes 4,000 listens to break into the top 1%. That means 99% of podcasters never get to be heard.

We want to change that.

How does the program work?

Creators move through four tiers,
receiving a larger investment as they grow from Seed through Series C.

Series A
Series B
Series C

What can you expect from

HubSpot Creators?

Podcasts in our
HubSpot Podcast Network grew on average 76% since joining in 2021.

And this accelerator is even more immersive. 

Instead of just getting paid for your content, HubSpot Creators helps you ditch the headache. We pair podcasts with marketing and operations support, plus several other benefits including network cross-promotion, speaker coaching, music production, and more!

Creators get paid, get bigger, and get better.

Annual Growth: HubSpot Network Podcasts vs Industry

Get Paid

  • Your pay increases as you grow
  • Receive marketing spend to grow your audience
  • Receive operations support so you can focus on creating

Get Bigger

  • Partner with a community of established creators
  • Get promoted across our network of shows
  • Get access to exclusive growth opportunities

Get Better

  • Uplevel with professional production coaching
  • Join exclusive events with proven creators
  • Learn from the folks topping the charts

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our network – with creators like Shaan Puri, Emily Thompson, and John Lee Dumas – has to say.

Being Boss EmilyThompson

...It feels like we're paving the way for the future of podcasting.

Emily Thompson

Podcast Creator

Copy of Podcast Cover Creator with Tag

"As a long-standing independent creator, I've watched this industry grow and change from the early years – and this feels different. This collaboration between a brand and creators, and the creators together, is poised to fuel the creation of great content for podcast listeners, and I'm very excited to be a part of it.”

Entrepreneurs on Fire John Lee Dumas

All ships rise in a high tide...

John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs on Fire


"HubSpot has gathered some of the best business podcasts to form an unstoppable team that supports, guides, and challenges each other"!

ShaanPuri- Headshot

...Hubspot has been awesome. They give us creative freedom, and tons of stuff behind the scenes...

Shaan Puri

My First Million

"And the more the podcast grows, the more opportunities show up. I’ve been able to launch my own courses and a venture fund off the popularity of the podcast!”
Amy Porterfield Headshot

“Podcasting can be a lonely industry but...

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy

"The Hubspot Podcast Network has brought together the best of the best in the business category to create a community of support and education. I’m grateful to be part of a network that not only creates a space for shows to thrive but also a space that supports our audience in a bigger way.”

Meet our first cohort. Give them a listen or sign up for updates on future cohorts below.

  • Nudge

    Learn the science behind great marketing. Every bite-sized 20-minute show comes packed with practical advice from admired marketers and behavioral scientists. Nudge is fast-paced, yet packed with real-world examples that you can apply. This is not your average marketing podcast.

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  • Parents Making Profits

    Parents Making Profits is for entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and be the best parents they can be. Two-time Emmy Winner Mario Armstrong & ParentPreneur Foundation founder James Oliver Jr. share insights and actionable takeaways unique to the ParentPreneur lifestyle.

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  • (un)sexy

    From scrap metal to timber, estate planning to freight pooling, this show is an exploration of just how sexy unsexy industries can be. Elaine Zelby, investor at SignalFire, uncovers niche and esoteric markets, understanding their history and looking at the future through the eyes of the pioneers bringing exponential improvements to these overlooked spaces.

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  • Work @ Life

    Explore the grey areas between work and life as hosts Sanja and Maddie share data on workplace, engagement, and culture topics. Hosted by Sanja Licina, Ph.D., organizational psychologist and president of the Workforce at QuestionPro, and Maddie Grant, culture designer and co-founder of PROPEL.

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  • Content is Profit

    In this show, we discover the secrets of how your business can achieve the Frictionless Sale, by talking to some of the world's top marketers. We talk about frameworks, strategies, tactics and bring special guests to bring you all the information you need in order to turn your content into profit.

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  • Finding Founders

    A podcast about vulnerability and entrepreneurship — learn from the life stories of founders, activists, and even drug lords. Our aim is to inspire you and let's face it... you aren't inspired when you hear about success. Real inspiration comes from hearing someone's lowest moment, and rising with their success.

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  • No Straight Path

    No Straight Path aims to humanize success from the millennial perspective. The world often sees the shiny resumes, social media highlights, and LinkedIn job titles. But we rarely see the story behind it. And when we do, it's often in a memoir towards the end of someone's journey. The podcast aims to delve into the story behind the success.

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  • Blissful Prospecting

    This podcast is for B2B reps and sales teams who love landing big meetings with prospects — but hate not getting responses to their cold emails or feeling confident making cold calls. Join me (call me JBay!) as I interview sales experts, leaders, and top-performing reps to share actionable tips and strategies to help you land more meetings with your ideal clients.

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Want to know more about HubSpot Creators? Sign up for updates below or jump into our frequently asked questions.

  • HubSpot Creators is an accelerator designed for emerging creators. The program is built to reward creators through payment and support for the content they are building in partnership with HubSpot. We have a vetting process to identify diverse and emerging creators that would benefit the most from HubSpot’s amplification.

  • HubSpot Creators is a feeder program to the Podcast Network and is designed to support emerging creators. In essence, the HubSpot Podcast Network includes three different tiers of podcasts: 

    1. All HubSpot-owned, internally produced podcasts
    2. All established podcasts that are licensed to HubSpot
    3. All emerging podcasts once they hit a certain scale
  • We believe there are millions of incredible creators out there, just waiting to be discovered. We also know first-hand how hard it is for creators to find real commercial success while still maintaining their creative integrity. We’re confident that with our operational support, expert network, and distribution channels, we can help creators grow faster and more efficiently than if they were starting from scratch on their own. Our aim is to build the very best creator-first community that fosters diversity and inclusion, creativity, and collaboration.

  • We plan to expand the program to other forms of media in the near future, but we’re only looking for podcasters at this time! (Drop a note to if you’re interested in other forms of media!)

  • Cohorts launch will launch every quarter in 2022. Sign up for updates below to be the first to hear about our next cohort. Applications are now open for cohort two. Applications will be open from July 18th through August 12th.

  • We will be revealing information about each creator tier, including payment terms, benefits, and tier milestones, with cohort 2 applicants. If you'd like to receive that information, be sure to register your interest below.

    For now, what we can tell you is that the creator compensation is a fixed and variable amount and that creators move through four tiers, from Seed to Series A, Series B, and finally, Series C. Program tiers will be standardized across the network and be based on the performance of a podcast in terms of monthly downloads. 

  • Just like creator compensation, operational support increases as you move your way through the creator tiers. At the initial tier, we expect podcasts to do their own editing and production, with guidance from our internal team. However, at the highest tier, podcasts can expect to have a full team responsible for editing, producing, researching for, and growing their podcast, paid for by HubSpot.

  • We have a set of criteria that we’re looking for at each tier of the program. Every quarter, podcasts have the potential to be promoted to the next tier based on a set of transparent milestones.

  • Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Many of our creators have used their heightened brand to launch other products including courses or even rolling funds.

  • Creators will get paid on a monthly basis.

  • No! We are happy to partner with creators on ground zero. In order to assess the podcast’s potential, we do need either a live episode or a recorded pilot to apply.

  • Absolutely! We love that you’ve already taken the initiative to create your podcast. Whether you’ve started a podcast or not, the program terms would remain the same.

  • Since this program is targeted at emerging creators, we are not using download numbers to determine which podcasts make it into the cohort. Instead, we are using a combination of alignment to HubSpot audiences, quality of the podcast, gaps in our current network, and our DI&B goals.

  • At the moment, we are only looking for podcasts in English. We certainly see the importance of having a diverse set of podcasts to reach a diverse audience, so we will be exploring other languages in the future. Stay tuned!