Fuel Product Manufacturer Increases Customers by 80% with Inbound Marketing

Bell Performance didn't have the means to gather lead intelligence or online customers. Bell Performance had just launched a website, but didn't know how to use it to gather lead intelligence for online customers. They needed a digital strategy that would increase their brand awareness and drive more customers.


new online customers gained in first year


increase in customers in second year


leads per month increased in 2 years

Bell Performance Team

About Bell Performance

Bell Performance is a manufacturer of fuel additives and treatments for consumers and businesses.


Before using HubSpot, Bell Performance didn’t have a website they were able to edit at their own convenience. Without a functional website, Bell wasn’t able to gather any leads online. They were also missing out on an opportunity to gather information on buyer behavior that could lead to offline sales. Obviously Bell wanted to increase their sales, but they had to start at square one first. Erik Bjornstad, the director of technical sales at Bell Performance says, “We wanted to expand our influence and increase the number of people that knew about Bell.” Erik sought the help of HubSpot Gold Certified Partner Top Line Results, and together with the Director of Top Line Results, Todd Hockenberry, developed a marketing plan. 

How HubSpot and Top Line Results helped

"HubSpot has allowed us to differentiate ourselves..."

Bell Performance wanted to spread awareness of their brand, so naturally they had to begin with a compelling website. Through the HubSpot Services Marketplace, they contracted Blueleadz to design a custom website for them. Now, Bell is able to manage a beautifully designed website directly through the HubSpot Content Management System. Having their website hosted on the HubSpot CMS means that they can tell which pages are actually working to convert customers, all through HubSpot Analytics.

When Bell Performance and Top Line Results teamed up, their collaboration began with a specific goal: identify customer personas for Bell Performance’s target audience. By using HubSpot's SEO tools like Keywords, Erik was able to learn more about his target customers. He says the tool has been “extremely valuable in identifying what consumers are looking for, and enables us to be proactive in creating content.”

With the training of HubSpot’s Agency Partner Program behind them, Bell’s HubSpot Gold Certified Partner, Top Line Results, was able to develop an optimized content strategy for Bell that revolves around their prospects. Together, they executed this content strategy so well that Bell was able to see their search traffic increase 700% in just one year.

Erik’s favorite feature of HubSpot has been the ability to not only easily edit Bell’s website, but to build Landing Pages. When he promotes his offers through the HubSpot Email Marketing and Social Media tool, he directs prospects to these Landing Pages. With the help of Top Line Results, Erik has been able to optimize these pages to the point where he is generating 1400% more leads per month than he was two years ago.

Todd Hockenberry, director of Top Line Results, says one of the most important things a HubSpot partner can do in ensuring their client’s success is to “learn your customer’s target customer personas and focus on them in everything you do.” Using this tactic, Top Line Results has been able to build Workflows around Bell’s target personas through HubSpot’s comprehensive Lead Management tools. These Workflows kick-off follow-up campaigns that nurture leads down the sales funnel. In their first year using inbound marketing, Bell Performance gained 600 new online customers. In their second year, Bell Performance saw an 80% increase in online customers. Erik credits his HubSpot partner with spearheading these campaign efforts, “Top Line Results is expanding its efforts into really making our follow-up campaigns dynamic instead of linear.

Why should a business use HubSpot?

“HubSpot has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our much-larger and more resourced competitors. Our competitors don’t have focused strategies centered on the topics that consumers are looking for. We do that, and the benefits have been significant.” - Erik Bjornstad, Bell Performance 

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