Local Banking Consultant Sees 430% Growth in Leads With HubSpot

De Novo Strategy knew a web presence was essential to successful marketing but didn't know how to optimize or improve theirs to get the desired results. With HubSpot, Internet marketing finally made sense and led to more growth than they had even hoped for.


Gained 422 blog subscribers in first three months

About De Novo Strategy

De Novo Strategy is all about building smarter banks by providing strategic services, scalable programs in planning, marketing, and sales development, and portfolio analytics to customers.

About De Novo Strategy

Banking consultant Wendell Brock, president of De Novo Strategy, is good at running a business on a shoestring budget. His company has three consultants and one assistant who help start-up organizations in the process of buying and starting banks. Accustomed to using his resources wisely, Wendell shared an important piece of advice, "If you cannot bring in the marketing, you are dead. This is a scenario that you don't skimp on."


Wendell has been involved in the bank consulting industry for almost ten years, since his first project in July 1999. He launched De Novo Strategy and targeted people with interest in business expansion. In order to generate leads he relied on word of mouth and networking with former business partners.

Wendell also had a website with a company brochure on it. He soon discovered this didn't bring him any traffic or phone calls. He attributed the website's low performance to the nature of his industry. There were not that many people who wanted to buy banks, he thought. But then again, maybe, the reason was that his website, as he put it, "was virtually nowhere to be found."

Internet marketing, he concluded, wasn't effective for him because he didn't understand it. "I knew I needed to do something to enhance the traffic to the site but I didn't know exactly what to do and how to do it," he said.


One day De Novo Strategy's marketing associate, Andrew Anson, suggested Wendell attend a free HubSpot webinar. After Wendell attended the webinar, he decided to request a demo with Mike Volpe. He, then, decided to purchase the HubSpot Owner product.

After HubSpot consultants walked Wendell through the implementation process, he got comfortable with the idea of Internet marketing. "I have been able to get my arms around it," said Wendell. It wasn't too long after he grasped the implementation process of Internet marketing that his lead generation increased.

A HubSpot product piece that Wendell found especially effective was the keyword research tool. He now accurately measures the keyword performance of his website and it has allowed him to compete with thousands of other companies. Through the HubSpot Marketing Analytics he knows the exact number of website visits, leads and customers per keyword. This empowers him to adjust his strategy accordingly and get the upper hand in search engine optimization.

In addition, De Novo has been using HubSpot's link analysis tool to manage the process of building inbound links. It has now reached 234 valid links from domains referring to its website. Such statistics allow the company to monitor online conversations, identify new industry trends and focus on niches already interested in De Novo's services.


Wendell is now happy to see his website appear on the first pages of Google searches. The HubSpot referral source analytics indicate 4,627 visitors and 140 leads for De Novo Strategy in the last six months. "Despite the banking crisis, I still get leads, get people calling me," Wendell said.

De Novo referral
These referrals positively impact the online traffic De Novo Strategy draws. The company has maintained a steady stream of visitors, a large percentage of whom convert to leads and customers. HubSpot's website traffic tool, for instance, indicates 6, 528 new visitors and 183 leads from January to May.

website traffic

Now that Wendell has his arms around Internet marketing, he also sees the importance of creating content regularly. That is why De Novo Strategy's blog has also had great success. HubSpot's blog analytics report 422 blog subscribers, 408 email subscribers, and 337 first-time visitors just in the last 30 days.
De Novo blog analytics

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