Supplier of Assembly Systems Boosts Traffic 20x in 4 Months

Palomar Technologies knew how to attract people to their site, just not how to turn those viewers into customers. HubSpot helped the company transform into an inbound marketing machine, which solved their problem and finally gave them the results they needed.

About Palomar Technologies

Palomar Technologies is a supplier of advanced microelectronic and optoelectronic packaging systems based in Southern California.

About Palomar Technologies

Palomar Technologies is a supplier of advanced microelectronic and optoelectronic packaging systems based in Southern California. The company uses HubSpot to not only attract wire bonding and contract assembly services visitors, but to also successfully convert them into sales leads.

Four months with HubSpot's software have brought the business a 20x growth in traffic and leads. "Our goal was 22 leads a month; we are now getting consistently 50 to 60," said Rich Hueners, Palomar's marketing communications specialist. "We are triple what we thought we are going to do," he added.


Before April, Palomar worked with an SEO company and attracted some traffic to its site. "The problem was," Rich said, "we couldn't do anything with that traffic." Relying only on search engine optimization and not integrating other components of inbound marketing, Palomar couldn't convert its site visitors into sales leads.

"What we were left with was a website that had a decent amount of traffic but no way to actually capture the traffic, therefore monetize it and turn it into sales," said Rich. "So, in a sense, it was like a really nice car without a stearing wheel, or an engine!"


Having found out about HubSpot from an IT colleague, Rich did some research and realized the importance of integrated software that would enable him to execute his marketing strategy online without being a “tech guy.” "SEO is 10% of what it takes to be successful and HubSpot takes it to 110%," he said. Palomar is now using a wide range of inbound marketing tools that complement one another and lead to growing success.

On HubSpot's blogging platform Palomar maintains two blogs -- Palomar Technologies' Interconnection Blog and Wire Bonders' Speak. Rich views blogging as a way to increase the volume of content (pages) on the Palomar website, thereby increasing its chances of getting found by potential customers in Google's search results. He also sees it as a way of building credibility in industry-specific topics. "Because this is a niche business, because there are not a lot of people in the world who do what we do, we are often the first stop for any kind of information about advanced packaging for the microelectronics and optoelectronics industries," he said.

Rich also uses HubSpot's page popularity tool to determine where to place landing pages. Thus, he is increasing Palomar's chances of converting site visitors into sales leads and, eventually, into customers.

The link grader tool is another product piece that Rich finds useful. "If I can see who is coming to us and linking to us," he said, "it tells me a lot about how important we are and where we are." This, in turn, helps Rich gain insight into international trends and make product improvements accordingly.


Palomar's monthly traffic has increased almost 20x in the last four month. "It is unbelievable," Rich said. In March, the company site attracted 100 unique visitors; three months later, in June, it attract 1,911 unique visitors

Monthly Traffic, March - June 2009
site traffic

Similarly, Google search traffic referrers have grown 20x in four months. Now, Palomar is ranking number one for over 30 keywords and is on the first page of Google search results for important keywords like wire bonder and LED matrix assembly.
Google Search Referrers, March - June 2009

The company's aggressive blogging has helped it build authority for itself as a thought leader in a very niche industry. has accumulated 1,003 inbound links from over 228 domains.

Blogging Subscribers, March- June 2009

"If you follow directions, participate in your marketing efforts consistently while being smart and watching the analytics, you will put landing pages where they need to be, and, as a result, success will happen for your website and ultimately your business," Rich said. 

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