Vico Software Doubles Google Search Referrals With HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software

Vico was a young company that couldn't compete with the marketing budgets of bigger, established companies in the industry. They needed something more than traditional B2B marketing channels to generate leads and sales.


Increased search referrals more than 2x


Accumulated inbound links from over 4426 domains.

About Vico Software

Vico Software is a Boston-area startup in the construction industry that provides software and services to help reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects.

The Challenge

Vico's Vice President of Marketing, Holly Allison, faced a challenge common to many startups. Vico was a young company in an industry full of veteran players. She couldn't compete with the marketing budgets of bigger, established companies, so she couldn't generate leads and sales via traditional B2B marketing channels like trade shows and cold-calling.

The softening economic environment added an additional challenge. Although Vico's business was growing, economic conditions made the type of large-scale spending typical of traditional marketing campaigns imprudent.

Holly wanted to adopt a new approach to marketing -- an inbound approach based on producing content that attracts customers. But she needed a system to help her do this -- a system to track and optimize search engine performance as well as incoming leads.

The Solution

Holly chose HubSpot to provide the tools and data she needed to shift to an inbound approach to marketing.

To collect inbound leads, Vico used HubSpot's Landing Page tool. Once the leads were in Vico's system, they were able to manage and track them via HubSpot's powerful Lead Management System. "We like seeing how effective we're being driving website visitors to our forms online, so everyone looks at that every day."

In order to gain insight into the effectiveness of their various marketing channels, Vico integrated their HubSpot lead tracking system with their Salesforce CRM. This closed-loop marketing system gave their sales team insight into the history and interests of each lead, and it allowed the marketing team to compare the rates at which each of their marketing channels converted to sales.

Vico also used HubSpot's competitive web site Analytics tools to compare their progress with that of their larger competitors. "Because we are a small company, and we are competing with businesses 10, 20, 30 times as large as we are, we need to look 30 times larger than we are. So it's nice to compare how a major competitor is doing as far as the number of keywords that they're ranking for in a Google search."

HubSpot's marketing analytics gave Vico access to data about their referrals and page-level data, becoming an important resource for tracking the business impact of events like media coverage that did not occur on their site.

Finally, HubSpot's keyword analysis and SEO tools helped Vico pick the best keywords to optimize their site, their content and their marketing content around.

The Results

With their inbound approach to marketing, an aggressive content production schedule and HubSpot inbound marketing tools, Vico has built their site into an online marketing machine. "Our website is about so much more than selling software. Our website is about being cutting edge for this particularly industry," Holly says.

Over the past six months, Vico has achieved stellar growth in Google search referrals, web site traffic and leads. Specifically:
  • 80% increase in website traffic
  • Google search referrals have more than doubled (from below 600/month to over 1200/month)
  • Accumulated over 399 inbound links, from over 4426 domains.
  • Page-One Google Ranking for terms such as:
    • "virtual construction software"
    • "bim estimating"
    • "5d estimating"
    • "5d bim"
Growth in Google Search Referrals:
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