Incenteev Doubles Revenue With HubSpot

Incenteev helps companies to boost their sales teams’ productivity with an innovative app that can be used across desktop, tablet and mobile. By 2016, it had built up a loyal client base, but it knew that it could be doing more to capture and nurture leads online. The various point solutions it was using didn’t work well together, and the marketing it was doing was more push than pull. It decided to make the switch to the inbound methodology and an all-in-one marketing platform. Incenteev chose HubSpot Marketing Hub and since then, it has achieved some outstanding results, including a 10X increase in leads and 2X increase in revenue.


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic

Incenteev Team


Founded in 2010 in Paris, Incenteev offers a digital coaching solution for sales teams. With it, companies can train, track, challenge and connect their managers and reps, whether they are in the office or on the road. It has proven its effectiveness across industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, automotive, services, retail and FMCG, delivering productivity gains of up to 35%. Incenteev is a 2018 laureate of the prestigious Pass French Tech, and it was awarded the ActionCo Gold Medal 2017 in the "Sales Force Motivation" category.

Moving From Push to Pull

Incenteev’s SaaS solution helps companies to ensure that their sales teams are efficient, agile and happy. Its clients are typically enterprise-level companies, and it knew that it could be doing more to engage them online.

“We were using a collection of different point solutions, like MailChimp for emails and Unbounce for landing pages. However, they didn’t work well together, and it was difficult to measure how effective our marketing was. We also wanted to switch to a more cohesive, inbound strategy. At the time, we were doing a lot of Google AdWords work, and the majority of our marketing centred on promoting our product. We wanted to position ourselves as a thought leader in our sector and nurture our prospects with genuinely useful content,” says Simon Vandendriessche, COO and co-founder of Incenteev.  

Simon realised that an all-in-one marketing automation platform was the way forward, and his first thought was HubSpot Marketing Hub.  

“I had discovered the inbound methodology and HubSpot back in 2010 when Incenteev was founded. We weren’t ready to go all-in with it back then, but HubSpot continued to keep in touch, sending me valuable information and whitepapers.”

He also evaluated Marketo, but he was ultimately more impressed by the strength and depth of the HubSpot proposition.

“I downloaded similar ebooks from both websites and I was struck by how different they were. HubSpot’s showed that it had a real mastery of the inbound methodology. It was a similar story when I signed up for product emails; HubSpot’s were precise, relevant and timely.”

Incenteev also liked how the HubSpot software would allow it to sync up all of its marketing activities.

“It was like ten tools rolled up in one, and it was so easy to use. It was clearly the best choice for us, and we signed up in 2016.”

"We were instituting a complete shift in strategy, from push marketing to pull marketing, and we knew that HubSpot would be our best partner for that."

Simon Vandendriessche

COO and Co-Founder


A Winning Combination of Software and Support

Today, Incenteev’s website is a testament to its dedication to inbound. It has created a comprehensive library of resources, including how-to guides, ebooks and videos, and visitors are encouraged to engage through Calls-to-Action and Forms. It has an active blog, which it promotes through social media, and it has set up Workflows to drive its leads through the funnel.

“We got up and running really quickly, thanks to the HubSpot team, our HubSpot customer success manager in particular. Switching from an outbound to an inbound approach was daunting, but they made it simple. They were always there with suggestions and advice, and they pushed us to move forward with our plans. Ultimately, they helped us to envision our future and develop a strategy that was both workable and effective,” explains Simon.

The company also uses the HubSpot Sales Hub, which is helping its salespeople to improve their efficiency.

“They are selling to large clients, so obviously they need to do a lot of personalised outreach. With Sequences, they can send a series of targeted, timed emails that nurture a prospect over time. It helps them to be more rigorous and precise, and there’s no fear of leads slipping through the cracks.”

Incenteev is committed to further developing its inbound approach. It is introducing customer success managers for its own clients, using the HubSpot system as a model, and it is continually discovering new things that it can do with the software.

“From a business perspective, we realise that this is the way forward for us, and we want to make sure that we take advantage of all the resources that are on offer. For example, the HubSpot Academy has become an essential part of our marketing team’s induction process; all of our new hires complete two or three certification courses when they start work.”

"HubSpot offers an unbeatable combination of the right software and the right support."

- Simon Vandendriessche

Results From Day One

Once it began pursuing an inbound strategy, Incenteev saw immediate results, and they show no signs of slowing down.

“We’ve moved from a couple of thousand visitors a month to around 25,000 – that’s an increase of over 12X. Our leads have followed a similar pattern. We used to get a maximum of 50 a month, but now we’re getting at least 500,” says Simon.

The company has also made improvements to its bottom line.

“Since 2016, we’ve grown our revenue by 2X year-on-year, and our switch to the inbound methodology has definitely played a part in that. We’ve doubled our sales team in the past year, so our next step is to refine our Workflows even more to get them the quality leads they need.”

Simon would recommend HubSpot to any other company that wants to successfully switch to the inbound methodology.

“I’m definitely a HubSpot advocate. It offers a powerful, agile solution, backed by all the support we could possibly ask for.”

"HubSpot helps us to keep reshaping our strategy to ensure that we achieve maximum success."

- Simon Vandendriessche

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