IT Consultant NSK, Inc. Sees 207% Increase in New Client Revenue using Inbound

NSK was spending too much time cold calling, and too much money on PPC ads. They had enlisted an SEO consultant to help them rank for top keywords, but the results were less than ideal: they only ranked for one keyword. On top of this, NSK's website was more of a static brochure than an engine for generating leads and collecting lead intelligence.


increase in new client revenue


increase in lead volume


decrease in paid marketing spend

NSK, Inc. Team

About NSK, Inc.

NSK Inc. is an information technology consulting and outsourcing firm with a focus on small and medium business IT management.

About NSK, Inc.

NSK Inc. is an information technology consulting and outsourcing firm with a focus on small and medium business IT management. Headquartered in Boston, MA, NSK offers a wide variety of IT services including managed monitoring and maintenance, help desk support, cloud computing technologies, and security audits and assessments.

Challenges before Hubspot:

NSK’s goals when beginning with HubSpot were to acquire qualified leads for their sales department, and to extend their brand’s reach in the Boston area.

Lack of Strategic SEO

The first obstacle to generating qualified leads was simply that NSK was not showing up in the appropriate search results. They had enlisted an SEO consultant to help alleviate the pain felt by a low search ranking, but the results were less than ideal. The consultant only helped them rank for one keyword.

Paid Advertising

NSK was using paid search engine advertisements in an effort to get people to click on to their website. They were spending thousands of dollars just to generate traffic, a number that only reached about 20 site visitors a month. On top of that, NSK didn’t have a way to track how valuable those 20 visitors were, to capture them as leads into a contacts database, nor the means to nurture them towards the point of purchase.

Cold Calling for Leads

At this time, NSK had sales representatives making up to 50 cold calls a day. Needless to say, these outbound marketing and sales tactics were a less than remarkable way to reach their target audience. If their goal was to generate not just leads, but qualified leads, NSK would have to start attracting people to their website who actually wanted to be there.

A Static Website

Before HubSpot, NSK hired a web designer to produce a website for them. The site was beautifully designed and no doubt aesthetically appealing. Unfortunately, it functioned as more of a static brochure than a tool for generating leads. Since NSK’s main goal was generating more qualified leads, a pretty site alone wasn’t going to do the trick.

How Analytics and Reporting Saved NSK $18,000 in Marketing Spend

NSK was involved in a paid partnership with another website that would feature advertisements linking back to NSK’s homepage. NSK was paying over $36,000 of their marketing budget on these paid ads. After adopting HubSpot, NSK began to question the paid ads’ worth and ability to drive the right visitors to NSK’s website. NSK's Director of Marketing, Cathie Briggette, placed a HubSpot tracking URL on the ad, and was able to use HubSpot Analytics to track its progress over the course of a year. Literally only a handful of people ever navigated to NSK’s site, giving them the obvious data they needed to cut this spend and apply it to different marketing tactics. Cathie says, “[HubSpot has] saved me a lot of guessing and marketing dollars, because now I can show anyone what we are spending that money on, and how well it works.”

How Blogging for a Target Audience Increased Traffic by over 100%

With the help of HubSpot, Cathie was able to understand how organic search works, and optimize her website for keywords NSK’s target audience was searching for. Of course, NSK wanted to rank high for relevant terms like “IT Support” and “Cloud Computing”. More than that, they wanted to focus their clientèle in the Boston Area, so they made specific efforts to rank higher for terms with “Boston” in them. In doing so, they began their audience targeting at the search box, aiming to attract only people who fit the criteria they wanted.

NSK began publishing at least one blog post a week. Cathie and her staff would use the SEO tools built into the Blogging tool, giving them instructive as-you-type suggestions on how to make each blog post better optimized for NSK's target keywords.

NSK went from attracting 20 visitors a month before using HubSpot, to generating literally thousands of unique visitors every month. Though their overall traffic has increased well over 100%, what has really made the difference for Cathie and NSK is that the number of unique visitors who fit their target demographic criteria has also increased by a factor of 100%. That means that not only has Cathie’s content creation helped her SEO strategy, but also her strategic keyword optimization through the HubSpot Keywords tool has helped her mold her pages to attract her ideal customers.

How Creating Content Increased Lead Volume by 200%

NSK captures lead information in afew different ways. One is through their educational white papers on relevant industry topics such as Hybrid Clouds, a white paper outlining the pros and cons of cloud computing, or The 10 Things You NEED to Know About Managing BYODs, a guide on "bringing your own device" to work, a security concern in the IT world. Cathie will write a few blog posts to promote one of these white papers, and since the blog posts are optimized for SEO, users at the search box will ultimately end up on a HubSpot Landing Page featuring a download for one of the white papers.

With a product that has such a lengthy sales cycle, it’s essential that NSK provide educational materials to get prospects as warm as possible before handing them off to sales. Cathie cites a recent time when a prospect came into the office to meet a sales representative. Cathie says “the woman was here and said, ‘I went to your website and I felt like it was answering all my questions without me even asking them.’” Cathie then uses information about the lead’s site interactions stored in HubSpot’s Contacts Database to nurture the lead with targeted emails and communications. Cathie says that this particular lead was more than happy with the way in which NSK used Marketing Automation to nurture her. The lead said, “A week later I’m getting an email from you, and it's actually covering the things I was looking at. I was really impressed with the whole thing.

These types of content offerings that actually answer prospects’ questions have been one of the main reasons NSK has been able to increase their incoming volume of leads through HubSpot by 200% since 2010.

How Lead Intelligence Increased New Client Revenue 207%

NSK hosts “Lunch and Learn” sessions at their Boston-based office in order to educate people further about IT Consulting, industry best practices, and what options may be the best fit for various businesses. In order to attend one of these lunches, interested parties must register ahead of time on one of NSK’s Landing Pages. Once they fill out a form on a HubSpot page, their entire backlog of browsing history on NSK’s site is imported into the HubSpot Contacts Database. This includes information about the pages they’ve viewed in the past, and goes on to keep track of all the pages they view in the future, the information they fill out in forms, the social links they click on, the offers they download and the emails they open.

On the day of a Lunch and Learn, NSK’s sales reps are armed with a bank of information on these people, their businesses, challenges, and specific interests in the IT field. Sales reps are even equipped with pictures of these people if they have an active Twitter account. With this kind of information, reps are already prepared to position NSK’s service offerings in a way that will best appeal to each specific person at the Lunch and Learn. They don’t have to offer every single feature of their product, but rather can focus on the ones that each prospect cares the most about.

This type of real-world relationship building has been the foundation of successful businesses for years. The problem is, consumers have been trained to deplore the sales guy who knows nothing about them, yet tries to act as if they are the chummiest of friends. NSK, Inc. uses inbound marketing to attract potential consumers, HubSpot Lead Management to learn more about them and their needs, and in-person relationship building that relies on the information collected through HubSpot to close customers

After these lunch and learn sessions, NSK is able to enter new information they may have learned about the leads into their contact database, and tailor their future marketing communications based on this information. NSK can then continue to track the progress of these leads and nurture them to the point of eventual sale. With NSK’s online inbound approach and in-person relationship strategy, the company has been able to produce warm leads that close as actual customers. In just their first year since adopting inbound, NSK increased its new client revenue by 207%, and in their second year increased its new client revenue 119% more than before they were using inbound.

Why Should a Business Use HubSpot?

“So that they can use the prospects and contact information that HubSpot provides to find the people that are interested in their product or service...To give them more visibility on the web when people are searching for their product or service...I love HubSpot. I tell everyone that I come in contact with that asks me about marketing about how great [HubSpot is] and how [it] has made it so easy to see what works and what doesn't work."

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