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    Director of Enterprise Sales

    describe the imageDavid Donlan serves as sales director for HubSpot in Cambridge, MA. As sales director, he is responsible for the HubSpot Enterprise Team, and the day to day operations of successfully gaining visibility for HubSpot customers.  Donlan is also regarded as an Inbound Marketing Specialist, having developed a sound marketing strategy that caters to all businesses looking to increase their online visibility and demand generation.

    Donlan joined HubSpot in 2008 and since then the company has grown from 500 beta customers to more than 8,500, from 20 employees to more than 450 employees, and has raised $100 million of venture capital in four rounds of financing.

    Prior to joining HubSpot, David worked for several prominent marketing and media firms, including the AberdeenGroup (a Harte Hanks Company), the Boston Herald, and Bitpipe (a TechTarget company). In these roles he demonstrated his sales abilities to meet and exceed every benchmark provided.

    David grew up in Hingham, MA and attended Thayer Academy in Braintree, MA. He went on to graduate from Bryant University in Rhode Island with a BS and BA in Computer Information Systems and Marketing, where he currently teaches a class on Managing Conflict in the Workplace.  David loves talking about marketing and is a frequent speaker on this topic and other sales related subjects at conferences and corporate events nationally.