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    Diana UrbanDiana Urban worked at HubSpot from 2010-2014. She was the Head of Conversion Marketing at HubSpot, specializing in lead generation, website optimization, email marketing, and content creation. Her main responsibilities included increasing visit-to-lead conversion rates on, increasing the volume of leads generated, and promoting HubSpot's thought-leadership in the web conversion space.

    Diana was previously Head of International Marketing and led the marketing efforts around HubSpot's EMEA office launch in Dublin. Prior to joining the marketing team, Diana was a User Experience Manager and created all the tutorials and documentation customers use to learn inbound marketing and the HubSpot software. 

    Diana is also an agented fiction author seeking publication for her first novel, STEALING PARIS.

    Diana also runs her own social media blog U Stand Out, teaching readers how to make their web presence to stand out online. She has self-published several marketing ebooks, including one on how to get more likes on Facebook. Her favorite marketing subjects are social media, blogging, website conversion, and SEO. 

    Additionally, Diana created Tudor Tour, a website offering London tour guides and ebooks, originally created as part of her HubSpot training project. She can talk for hours on the subjects of London, fiction novels, travel, Disney World, Harry Potter, chocolate, and her cat.

    Follow Diana on Twitter at @DianaUrban.

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