HubSpot and Facebook

HubSpot is proud to be a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with deep Facebook integrations across multiple products.


HubSpot is proud to be a badged Facebook marketing partner and Workplace partner with deep Facebook integrations across multiple products. HubSpot helps small business adapt and leverage change to grow, and right now nothing is changing the world more than Facebook. That’s why we’ve built a strong partnership with Facebook and integrated their products across the HubSpot platform.

A multi-product partnership

New Network Growth

Continued growth across Instagram, Messenger, and the Facebook app has set Facebook apart as the most influential social platform in the world.

Innovative Paid Solutions

With strong lead gen solutions, like lead ads and Lookalike Audiences, Facebook offers the best paid tools for B2B and SMB marketers.

Messaging Leaders

Facebook has become the leader in one-to-one messaging with the growth of Messenger and the acquisition of WhatsApp.

  1. HubSpot Social and Facebook

    Direct publishing and scheduling for Instagram is now live in HubSpot Social. In addition to publishing and monitoring support for Facebook, HubSpot Social helps you drive video engagement from your audience on Facebook with video hosting, upload, and publishing.

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  2. HubSpot Ads and Facebook

    HubSpot Ads provides powerful ROI reporting based on actual deals. It also supports the creation of lead ads – Facebook’s paid lead generation product. When connected, any lead generated from Facebook Ads will automatically sync into HubSpot so you can start the nurturing process. Using HubSpot and Facebook together gives you the opportunity to personalize your ad targeting like never before, by syncing HubSpot lists with Facebook audiences.

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  3. HubSpot and Facebook Messenger

    Increasingly visitors, leads, and customers would rather have a quick, Messenger-based chat with your business than talk on the phone or email. In fact, people and businesses send 2 billion messages back and forth via Messenger each month. Our Messenger plans will help you build an experience to meet these folks where they prefer to communicate with context.

  4. HubSpot and Workplace by Facebook

    Sales reps are busy - they can’t waste precious time switching between productivity tools. With this integration, a sales rep receives notifications within Workplace triggered by team member or lead activities within HubSpot. All of the information they need is delivered where they are, when they need it. Each notification contains a link that brings reps directly into HubSpot so they can immediately take action and close the deal.

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