Current Integrations

    Many integrations have already been developed for HubSpot:

    • Salesforce
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • SugarCRM
    • Zoho
    • NetSuite
    • PayPal
    • ZenCart
    • Highrise
    • Shopify
    Some of these may require assistance from a developer, while others are standalone packages. Looking for technical details?

    if you are looking to simplify your marketing organization and footprint, HubSpot is the perfect choice. Our all-in-one, integrated platform means that you can use your HubSpot subscription for everything from SEO, to lead generation, lead nurturing, and marketing analytics.

    HubSpot Product Matrix

    In their HubSpot Case Study, Eric Peterson of Member Solutions said, "It can do everythingit does sales, it does marketing, it does landing page creation, social media monitoring, blog platform There is no other tool out there that does everything that HubSpot does." Comparing the cost of HubSpot to the many tools needed to duplicate the functionality of HubSpot in the chart above above, and then the costs of integrating all of them and managing them separately from each other, the total cost of ownership for all of these systems is tremendous.

    You may already own some other marketing software that you want to keep using. HubSpot's integrated platform works well with other platforms, so if you're already using other CMS software to manage your website or collecting and managing leads on other platforms, you can use our integrations or APIs so that all of your software works together well.

    HubSpot provides the central marketing point for tracking all of your leads from various sources and routing them into your CRM or other software, like Salesforce or NetSuite. Because of HubSpot's integrated approach to marketing, you can use all of the features that you need, without needing to give up the other tools.

    At A Glance:

    • Out of the box integration available for with HubSpot Medium or Large.
    • Other integrations available via our rich APIs, including SugarCRM, Zoho, NetSuite, and many more. Integrating with other platforms via an API requires HubSpot Medium or Large.
    • Hire a HubSpot Certified Partner to help meet your unique needs.
    • Our integrated platform saves you time and money: Manage your marketing resources in one location

    HubSpot's features, APIs, and integrations combine with a broad platform to offer a very flexible marketing presence for businesses of all types and backgrounds.