Education Success Story: Florida Institute of Technology

The Florida Institute of Technology had trouble identifying who was actually visiting their website. They had a hard time converting prospective students into applicants in the first place because of the inaccessible and lengthy forms they were required to fill out on FIT's website.


landing page conversion rate


increase in college applicants


increase in monthly leads

About FIT

The Florida Institute of Technology is a private research university specializing in science and engineering.

“I said I wouldn’t take the job unless they bought HubSpot, because I couldn’t do what I said I could do without it."

- Nancy Grossbart, Interactive Media Manager at the Florida Institute of Technology

Before HubSpot:

  • Had trouble identifying who was actually visiting their website
  • Extremely long forms limited their ability to convert prospective students to applicants

Results With HubSpot:


How Did HubSpot Help?

  • HubSpot Landing Pages made it easy to create short, simple forms that resulted in a big boost in leads and prospects.
  • HubSpot Analytics enabled Florida Institute of Technology to see how their website was performing overall, which marketing activities were generating the most traffic and leads, and where to increase or cut marketing investments.
  • HubSpot Lead Management helped the marketing team at Florida Institute of Technology more effectively nurture prospective student leads, and boost their conversion rate.

“What I love about the HubSpot product is that everything is all in one place."

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