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Plan & Timeline

Creating a New Client Onboarding Plan

Congratulations on selling your first client! Let's get started with the HubSpot implementation for this client, here are your first steps:

Collect client information

This includes the necessary client logins and the key business information such goals and challenges.

Set clear SMART goals

Make sure you keep your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Review the sale

Take some time to review what services you sold to your client.

Create a timeline

Use all of the previous steps to create a timeline of to-do's.

All of this and more can be found in the Learning Center

Managing Your Client's Account Setup

Follow the below steps to get your client's account setup

Add user accounts

Start by adding all necessary users and connecting social accounts

Configure preferences

Work with your client to configure preferences for their content (hosting, templates, and so on)

Data and analytics

Turn on the client's analytics and upload their database

Check out the full video walk-through in the Learning Center

Handing Off Leads to Your Client's Sales Team

As the agency, you are working hard to generate leads, but those leads won't turn into revenue without a close partnership with the client's sales team. To ensure leads are flowing through the buyer's journey you'll need to:

Understand your client’s sales process

Ask the right exploratory questions to define their process.

Create a handoff blueprint

Define lifecycle stages, their triggers, and who’s responsible for what.

Convert leads into customers

Meet the important criteria to ensure your sales team is in a position to close new deals.

All of this and more can be found in the Learning Center

Reporting for Client Success

To help you prove ROI, you will need to set up some reporting fundamentals. Some things to consider are:

Communicate success and results

Without a strong reporting framework, your hours of work and results can seem ineffective

Establish a reporting cadence

Report activities, results, and ROI at the appropriate times

Build a dashboard

Display performance around the metrics most important to your client

You can dive into client reporting here.

Launching Your Client's First Campaign

You need to establish trust and credibility while building momentum very quickly to ensure the client continues to work with you. Let's begin:

Define their buyer personas

A well-defined persona will help you build a better marketing plan in the long run

Build a campaign focused on quick wins

Have a content strategy ready for moving personas through the buyer’s journey

Promote your content

Have a strategy in place to distribute and amplify your client’s content

This a big undertaking. Start here for best practices.

Running an Effective Quarterly Progress Review

A successful progress review has a lot of moving pieces. What has gone well during the past quarter and what needs to be improved for the next quarter? It's important to:

Analyze your performance

Review your inbound results on a quarterly basis

Present results to your client

With the help of your channel consultant, prepare for and meet with your client to review results

Align expectations

Lay the foundation for future quarters and the road ahead

For help, take a look at the Learning Center.

Interpreting Client Health with the Portal Audit

HubSpot has invested in data science that predicts how likely a customer is to renew as told by their health score, which is entirely determined by usage of the product

As a partner, we want to share this information with you to help you understand how this client compares to other similar HubSpot customers. A couple of things worth noting:

Conduct an account review

Meet with your channel consultant to identify opportunities for increased product usage

Interpret your client’s health score

Use the client health algorithm to predict your client’s likelihood of renewal

Customize your action plan

Based on your client’s health score, develop a set of recommendations to drive meaningful impact

Please review all this information in this Lesson here.

Managing Client Renewals

The client has an agreement with you and one with HubSpot. Let's review some of the key elements of the HubSpot renewal:

Evaluate upcoming renewals

With the help of Partner Dashboard, review clients approaching their renewal

Determine the communication owner

Ensure the right communication owner, either your agency or HubSpot, is marked for each client renewal

Navigate the renewal timeline

Once a communication owner is selected, help your client successfully renew with both HubSpot and your agency

It is highly recommended that you go through this in detail 
and review your renewal dashboard frequently.

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