Inbound Sales Day

June 6, 2017 at 8:00 AM EST

Sales has changed. Salespeople need to adapt their process to the modern buyer, or get left behind.
Over 30 sales leaders shared their insights on June 6. Access the videos below.

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Check out one of our live sessions: "Lowering Sales Barriers: The New Way to Succeed at Handling Objections" 

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2017 Speaker Lineup

Dan Pink

Bestselling author of "To Sell Is Human"

Sam Parr

Founder and CEO, The Hustle


CEO, A Sales Guy

Mark Hunter

The Sales Hunter

Jeffrey Gitomer

Founder, Gitomer

Matt Cameron

Managing Partner, Sales Ops Central

Heather Morgan

CEO, SalesFolk

Tonni Bennett

VP of Sales, Terminus

Gabe Larsen

Head of InsideSales Labs,

Chris Savage

CEO, Wistia

Jill Konrath

Bestselling author, "More Sales Less Time"

Mark Roberge

Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Deb Calvert

President, People First Productivity Solutions

Rob Biederman

CEO, Catalant

Colleen Stanley

President, SalesLeadership Inc.

Warren Greshes

President, Speaking of Success

Colleen Francis

President, Engage Selling Solutions

Jamie Shanks

CEO, Sales For Life

Bill Caskey

Host, Advanced Selling Podcast

Marc Wayshak

Bestselling author, "Game Plan Selling"

Jared Fuller

VP Sales & Business Development, PandaDoc

Julie Hansen

President, Performance Sales and Training

Emmanuelle Skala

VP Sales, DigitalOcean

Michael Pici

Director of Sales, HubSpot

Christian Kinnear

Director of Sales, HubSpot

Brian Signorelli

Director of Sales, HubSpot

Jonah Silberg

Account Executive, Wistia

Katie Early

Sales Manager, HubSpot

Kieran O'Flynn

Sales Manager, HubSpot

Margot de Cunha

Customer Success Manager, Wistia