Access All Your Marketing KPIs on Any Device

With the Databox - HubSpot integration

  1. All Your Data, Viewable Everywhere

    View analytics data on your mobile, desktop and TV from HubSpot Marketing/Sales, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Facebook Advertising and many more sources in just a few clicks.
  2. Exceed Your Marketing and Sales KPIs

    Flex your smarketing muscle by monitoring your entire acquisition funnel using both HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM data. View key performance indicators vs historical performance and goals. Receive alerts to Slack, email or your mobile when metrics are lagging.
  3. 100s of Pre-Built Report Templates

    Need to show the ROI of your blogging efforts? No problem! Databox has 100s of pre-built reports you can grab in one-click, including more than 150 metrics from HubSpot.


The integration is free for customers of both Databox and HubSpot.


Setup Help

Follow the link below to get Databox setup.



Click the link below to email support for the integration.



Integration built and maintained by Databox, last update 5/26/17.

Integrating your HubSpot and Databox platforms will allow you to easily create comprehensive dashboards that actually present a meaningful data story. No more vanity metrics, superficial insights or overly manual reporting – this powerful software combination offers exactly what you need to make your work life easier without the frustrating bells and whistles you don’t need.
This integration requires both HubSpot and Databox