Automating Marketing and Operations, Together

Both HubSpot and Accelo allow for extensive customization to ensure they fit the individual needs of your business. With this integration, you can map all these custom fields across both systems, in both directions. When you make changes in either system in the future, you can easily re-run the mapping wizard, which also makes the creation of custom fields in Accelo to match your HubSpot data effortless.


This integration requires both Accelo and HubSpot. Learn more.

Control Through Smart Rules

Not every contact in your HubSpot account should be in Accelo - there's a lot of folks who are too early in the funnel to belong in your client operations database. Similarly, not every contact in Accelo - especially given our powerful email and address book connections - should necessarily be pushed to HubSpot. Our powerful rules engine ensures that the automatic importing of HubSpot companies and contacts into Accelo, as well as the automatic pushing of new contacts to HubSpot, is under your control.

Enhancing the Timeline

While HubSpot provides great insights into the timeline of what happens with contacts online and via email, often marketers are in the dark with what is going on inside other parts of the business. With this integration, HubSpot's Timeline is updated in real time when a contact has a sale, project, ticket, retainer or other work created or when that work has its status updated.

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